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New York Academy of Sciences, 1000 Girls, 1000 Futures” Program 2021/2022 for Young Women in STEM

Deadline: 30th of June, 2022

1000 Girls, 1000 Futures is a groundbreaking initiative designed to engage young women interested in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), and advance their pursuit of STEM careers through mentoring and 21st-century skills development. 1000 Girls 1000 Futures empowers young women to learn independently and work collaboratively on Launchpad, the Academy’s unique online learning platform.


  • There’s no payment involved, it is free for participating students


To be a Student;

  • Between the ages of 13-17 at the time of the program.
  • Birthdate ranges for our 2022-2023 program year are June 7th 2005 -September 1st 2009. If your birthday does not fall within this time period your application will not be accepted.
  • All applications MUST be submitted in English.
  • Must have a keen interest in STEM
  • Interested in meeting students from around the world
  • Be able to participate in English
  • Team player looking to solve real world challenges on an international team of peers

To be a Mentor;

  • Self-identified women who are either pursuing a Ph.D. in a STEM-related field OR currently working in a STEM-related field
  • Able to access at least one communication device with internet capabilities
  • Able to communicate clearly in spoken and written English
  • Able to commit to 3-5 hours of program training and participation in the program monthly from September to June
  • Passionate about engaging and inspiring the next generation of young women around the world

Kindly note that to participate, students must have access to one technological device.

Click here to apply

Oyin Olufayo

Oyin Olufayo is a Sustainable Development Goals Advocate. A recent graduate of The School of Politics, Policy, and Governance (SPPG) She is a Technical Writer, Political Writer, and a Content Writer. Her passion for sustainable development goals has been implemented by creating tangible solutions. She has featured in grassroots initiatives like TedX, World Literacy Foundation, Spur Nation Media, FRCN, Naija Law and etc. spreading the impact of Sustainable education, and also facilitated numerous events regarding SDGs.

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