BluEarth Renewables Scholarship Program

Deadline: 15th of September, 2022

The goal of our scholarship program is to encourage, educate, and support the next generation of professionals and leaders who have the potential to transform society. To assist you in pursuing your educational objectives, we have three scholarship categories.

BluEarth has provided post-secondary students in Canada with almost $80,000 in scholarships since the start of our program in 2014.
As part of our commitment to give back to the communities in which we live, work, and operate, our scholarship program is a crucial component. This scholarship not only provides financial assistance, but also a special chance for recipients to be matched with a BluEarth learning partner for the academic year in order to offer support and mentoring while learning more about renewable energy.

With the Indigenous communities of Canada, we are dedicated to fostering connections that will benefit both parties. We provide scholarships to Indigenous students as a part of this commitment in order to support the growth of their knowledge and expertise in the field of renewable energy. Up to $3,000 in scholarships are available.

Communities must be built by many people. Students that exhibit a dedication to giving back to their community and improving the planet for both their generation and future generations are given this scholarship. Up to $3,000 in scholarships are available.

We are devoted to advancing the field of renewable energy and assisting the knowledgeable individuals who will pave the road. Students enrolled in a program for renewable energy trades are eligible for this scholarship. Up to $3,000 in scholarships are available.

Our selection committee evaluates applications based on your request for financial assistance, academic merit, involvement in the community, pursuit of studies that could be applied to the renewable energy sector and/or environmental stewardship, and proximity to the places where we live, work, and operate (or have development projects).


  • Scholarships to Indigenous students to help develop their skills and knowledge in the renewable energy sector. Amount: Up to $3,000 per scholarship
  • The scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate a commitment to giving back to their community and making the world a better place for their generation and generations to come. Amount: Up to $3,000 per scholarship
  • This scholarship is awarded to students enrolled in a renewable energy trades program. Amount: Up to $3,000 per scholarship


  • A resident of Canada or the United States
  • Pursuing full-time studies at an accredited Canadian or United States trades or technical school, college or university
  • Indigenous Peoples Scholarship only: a member of an Aboriginal community (band or settlement), including First Nations, Metis and Inuit; and proof of Aboriginal Status
  • Renewable Energy Trades Scholarship only: Enrolled in a renewable energy trades program with a direct focus on wind, hydro or solar energy

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Oyin Olufayo

Oyin Olufayo is a Sustainable Development Goals Advocate. A recent graduate of The School of Politics, Policy, and Governance (SPPG) She is a Technical Writer, Political Writer, and a Content Writer. Her passion for sustainable development goals has been implemented by creating tangible solutions. She has featured in grassroots initiatives like TedX, World Literacy Foundation, Spur Nation Media, FRCN, Naija Law and etc. spreading the impact of Sustainable education, and also facilitated numerous events regarding SDGs.

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