Amelia Earhart Science & Engineering Doctoral Fellowship 2024

Deadline: 15th of November, 2023

The Zonta International Foundation is inviting suitable and qualified applicants for the Amelia Earhart Science & Engineering Doctoral Fellowship Grants.

The award which is worth up to US$10,000 per beneficiary is given to excellence female students in selected fields of science and engineering and it is award yearly to about 35 PhD and Doctoral students already enrolled in a full-time program.

Established in 1938 to honour the famous pilot and a Zontian, the Amelia Earhart awards Fellowship grants of up to US$10,000 annually to about 35 women pursuing Ph.D./doctoral degrees in aerospace-applied sciences or aerospace-applied engineering. The fellowship may be taken up at any university or any institution of higher learning offering accredited post-graduate courses and higher degrees in the aerospace engineering and space sciences.


To participate and be given the award, the following eligibility conditions are taken into account.

  • Applicants for the fellowship should be women enrolled in a full-time Ph.D./doctoral degree and with excellence academic record in the field of aerospace-applied sciences or aerospace-applied engineering are eligible.
  • In addition to being a registered PhD/Doctoral Student, applicants should also have completed at least one year of that program or have received a master’s degree in an aerospace-applied field at the time the application is submitted.
  • Applicant’s expected graduation date from the Ph.D/Doctoral program must not be earlier than April 2025.

Important Notes: The following sets of candidates are not eligible to apply for the Amelia Earhart Science & Engineering Doctoral Fellowship Grants;

  1. Applicants in post-doctoral research programs are not eligible for the Fellowship.
  2. Applicants who are members and employees of Zonta International or the Zonta International Foundation are also not eligible to apply for the Fellowship.
  3. Applicants who have been previously awarded the Amelia Earhart Fellowship are not eligible to apply or to renew the Fellowship for a second year.


Interested and qualified persons should submit their applications online to the the Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellowship Committee through the application link provided.

The Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellowship Committee will review the applications and recommends suitable persons worthy of receiving the award to the Zonta International Board. All applicants are evaluated on the criteria stated in the requirements section of the application. All details of the evaluations are kept confidential; evaluations are not disclosed to applicant.

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