YELL 2023 Seed Grant

Deadline: 17th of August, 2023

YELL aims to localise climate narratives to address knowledge and resource gaps among local young people and strengthen the ecosystem of actors to support and hold the space for youth to engage as agents of change in environmental policy and action.

Interested? We are looking to find new or better ways of instilling environmental stewardship and increasing young people’s contribution to the environment and climate agenda in Malaysia. The grant is expected to support testing and piloting new or unproven approaches and ideas, engaging and inspiring young people into action.

If you aspire or have a project idea that addresses one or more of the following…

  1. To increase young people’s participation in learning, caring and taking action to protect the environment.
  2. To increase the capacity of educators, teachers, peers and parents to deliver Environmental Education or Studies.
  3. To provide more widespread opportunities and entry points for young people to respond to environmental-related issues in a community.


  • Malaysia-registered and operating as a non-government organisation / community-based organisation / grassroots organisation (or a similar organisation).
  • Non-profit public academic institutions, public research institutions and statutory bodies.
  • For-profit entities are only entitled to apply as co-applicants with the applying entity.
  • Political- or faith-based organisations are not eligible.
  • Applying entities must provide a copy of the certificate of registration and/or similar documents that prove their incorporation and operation as a non-profit.
  • Non-legally constituted or non-registered organisations may not submit applications as applying entities. Such entities may submit applications on a joint basis with other interested eligible entities (‘consortium approach’), wherein any agreement will be signed with the eligible entity only.
  • Possess a Malaysia-registered bank account.

Application :

Submit your proposal no later than 1730 hrs (Malaysia time) on 17th of August 2023 to and CC to with the email title ‘Concept Proposal – YELL 2023 Seed Grant.’

Deadline is 17 August 2023 (1730 hrs, Malaysia Local Time)

Note: Applications without completed documents shall not be considered.

Click here to apply 

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