RCE Youth Art Challenge 2023: From Waste to Art

Deadline: 15th of August, 2023

All upcoming eco-artists are invited! The Global RCE Service Center is seeking your artistic creations that show how you or your neighborhood are pursuing sustainable consumption and production.

The RCE Youth Art Challenge 2023: From Waste to Art is now accepting entries through the Global RCE Service Centre at the United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS), in collaboration with UNESCO. Anyone worldwide who is 35 or younger may participate in the challenge. This is a chance to produce artwork that will encourage people everywhere to utilize resources more wisely, to produce less waste, and ultimately to switch to sustainable consumption and production.

Program Objectives:

  • Bring awareness to the challenges faced due to global waste and unsustainable production and consumption patterns.
  • Provide perspectives from youth on why it is crucial to adopt sustainable practices.
  • Bring about understanding on how action can be taken via ESD towards achieving the SDGs, in particular in relation to addressing sustainable consumption and production.


  • Participants must be aged 35 or younger by August 15, 2023.
  • Entries are limited to three (3) entries per participant.
  • The artwork must not have previously been submitted for another contest.
  • The artwork must be the participant’s original work, and cannot incorporate symbols, images, or other works under copyright, which include logos of brands and characters.
  • Corporations are ineligible for this contest.

Submissions will be evaluated across the following age categories:

  • 15 years and under
  • 16-25 years
  • 26-35 years

This is your chance to present your creative piece to people all around the globe and contribute to inspiring others to take action towards the SDGs!

Submission Criteria:

Participants meeting the above-mentioned eligibility criteria must also meet the following submission criteria:

  • Submissions can take the form of any type of artwork (e.g. photos, drawings, paintings, sketches, murals, or other), however all submissions must be static (no animations) and limited to one frame.
  • Submissions should be in a landscape orientation where possible, ratio 16:9 (e.g. 768 px width, 432 px height).
  • Submissions must be the original work of the person submitting the artwork.
  • Ensure the image uploaded is clear and visible.
  • Submissions are accepted in the following formats: PDF, JPG, or PNG and must be downloadable. An optional video may be added – accepted formats are MP4, less than 100 MB.
  • Captions may be entered in any language, however the organizers may contact the entrant to confirm translations, if not entered in English.


Submissions will be judged based on creativity, originality & quality of the artwork, and relevance to sustainable consumption and production. Note that by participating in this challenge, all entrants agree that their artwork/s, name, and captions can be featured in promotional channels (including but not limited to websites, social media, email newsletters), in relation to this challenge.

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