CIFOR ICRAF “Trees, People, Planet” Photo Competition 2023

Deadline: 3rd of November, 2023

Are you a photography enthusiast, professional photographer, or someone who appreciates the beauty of the natural world? You are invited to participate in the upcoming ‘Trees, People, Planet’ photo competition and share your best shot.

Seeking captivating images from every corner of the globe, showcasing the beauty and diversity of landscapes, forests and wildlife and our relationship to them. This you are encouraged to explore the theme of water, highlighting its crucial role in forest ecosystems.


  • 1st : USD 500
  • 2nd : USD 400
  • 3rd : USD 300


  • The CIFOR-ICRAF photo competition welcomes participants aged 18 or older.
  • You are encouraged to use the photography equipment with which you are most comfortable.
  • Employees of CIFOR-ICRAF are not eligible to enter.


Please note the following rules:

  • Entries should not include watermarks, signatures, or captions.
  • Entries that have previously won other photography competitions will be automatically disqualified.
  • Submissions featuring children or minors are not eligible.
  • Entries generated using generative artificial intelligence tools or with their assistance are ineligible.
  • Images portraying the willful harassment of wildlife will not be accepted.
  • Photos taken in ways that cause or have caused environmental damage by the photographer, including capturing images in areas where human presence is restricted by authorities or property managers, are not eligible.
  • Photos taken before the year 2010 will not be eligible.

By submitting your entries, you are confirming your agreement to abide by the terms and rules of this competition.

CIFOR-ICRAF retains the exclusive right to determine the eligibility of entries. CIFOR-ICRAF also reserves the right to disqualify contestants in the case of suspicious activity throughout the voting period. Fraudulent activities will be monitored and may result in exclusion.

Selection Criteria:

All entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges selected by the CIFOR-ICRAF team, who will select at least 30 photos from all eligible submissions received during the competition period. Finalists will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity (30%)
  • Photographic quality (30%)
  • Composition (30%)
  • Execution of theme (10%)

CIFOR-ICRAF will publish the finalist entries on its online platforms. The panel of judges will choose the first and second prize winners from the finalist entries, while members of the public will be invited to vote online for their favourite entry. The photo with the most votes will receive the ‘popular vote’ award. The CIFOR-ICRAF team will ensure that the first prize, second prize and popular vote winners are all selected from different participants.


  • Submit your entries

You may submit multiple entries with maximum 3 photos; however, you can only have one ultimate entry in the final round

The uploaded file must include the photo’s title, name, email address, social media handles (if applicable), and a caption stating the following:
the subject and location, and a short description of the story behind the picture.

  • Copyright

You must have the full copyright to the submitted photos. Therefore, by submitting your entries, you will be presumed to have agreed to accept the contest rules and the terms and conditions.

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