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One League Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program

Deadline: 15th of October, 2022

An innovation and entrepreneurship programme is available to participants from outside the United States thanks to a collaboration between Sandford Online and One League, a global not-for-profit educational organisation. This course covers important topics and imparts crucial innovation and entrepreneurship skills. Effective business models, scalability of goods and businesses, and capital raising are some of the themes covered.

Participants in this programme study innovation, entrepreneurship, and venture capital in pairs with foreign mentors from various industries. Additionally, they have the opportunity to network with motivational speakers, notable start-up founders, titans of the tech sector, and venture investors. Most significantly, participants have the chance to pitch their novel startup idea to international venture capital firms in order to receive funding.

This programme has six classes that last a year and need between 15 and 20 hours each week. It comprises a minimum of 2-3 hours each week of live, synchronous classes during the early morning EST, depending on the participant’s expertise with the subjects.


Participants can master their skills in paired sessions with renowned mentors, learn from fellow entrepreneurs, and meet inspiring speakers and guests, including start-up founders, technology industry leaders, and venture capitalists. Besides, they can benefit from the One League online course program as follows:

  • Certificate of Achievement from Stanford Online
  • One League program credits the One League Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. 

Eligibility Requirements

There are some prerequisites that all participants must meet to be eligible for this program as follows:

  • Must hold bachelor’s degree with strong academic performance 
  • Be committed to building a start-up or driving innovation in their industry 
  • Be passionate about positive change and drive it to their local region through innovation and  entrepreneurship
  • Should have the time commitment for the length of the course (1 Year)

Target Groups

The following groups are the target audience of the One League program:

  • Aspiring and current entrepreneurs Candidates working on high-impact ideas toward innovative solutions
  • Applicants solving real-world global problems with innovative solutions
  • All industries and disciplines
  • Applicants from all around the world


The One League course combines multimedia tutorial videos, self-paced exercises, and live classes. The classes are synchronous with fellow entrepreneurs from all over the world, led by some of Silicon Valley’s instructors and facilitators.

Students will learn essential tips and tricks to apply in their start-ups or businesses by using one of the following One League Idea Implementation Lab models:

  1. Entrepreneurship Essentials
  2. Cultivation of Entrepreneurial Mindset
  3. Design Thinking: Empathize and Prototype
  4. Building Business Models
  5. The Power of Stories to Improve Innovation
  6. Venture/project Pitch 

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