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Google Summer of Code 2024

Deadline: 6th of February, 2024

Applications for the Google Summer of Code in 2024 are currently being accepted.An international online initiative called Google Summer of Code aims to increase the number of people who contribute to open source software development. Under the supervision of mentors, GSoC Contributors work on a programming project for more than 12 weeks with an open source organization. The goal of Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is to introduce enthusiastic, fresh contributors to open source communities in the hopes that they will stay involved long after their GSoC program is over.

New contributors to open source will spend their summer writing code for an open source organization under the guidance of mentors from their new open source community. Since 2005, the Google Summer of Code program has brought together over 20,000 new contributors/students with over 800 open source organizations under the guidance of 19,000+ mentors.

How It Works:

  • Apply: Interested contributors propose a project to work on.
  • code: Code Accepted GSoC contributors spend the summer coding with guidance from a mentor.
  • public: Share Submit your code for the world to use!

Click here to apply 

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