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IST Internship Program in Austria 2022

Deadline: Ongoing

International students can take part in the IST Internship Program offered by the Institute of Science and Technology Austria. The program is available in particular fields. Students can get job experience in their fields under the supervision of professionals during this one-year program for an international paid internship. Students’ knowledge of science and research will grow because of the summer internship program in Austria, which also teaches them how to put theory into practice.

In association with OeAD, the IST offers a research internship program. OeAD is a global organization that promotes collaboration in science and education. Students from all around the world who are capable, driven, and skilled are sought after by the IST. Prior to the application procedure, the students must choose their study subjects. In a symposium, the interns will have the chance to present their study.

More than 70 different nationalities of students currently reside at IIST Austria. The classroom environment is broad and encourages exposure to many cultures. Professors and assistant professors at the institute are of the highest caliber. The chosen candidates’ futures will take a hit from working under their direction. For current students who have a research project they need to complete, this is the greatest opportunity.

The IST internship program in Europe includes a variety of social events in addition to research activities to give students an unforgettable and worthwhile experience. In order to foster a strong relationship between interns, researchers, and other IST members, interns will also have the opportunity to join the Institute of Science and Technology Austria’s annual BBQ.


Interns will receive the following benefits for under IST internship program 2022:

  • Interns will receive a monthly stipend of EUR 1086.
  • Health insurance will also receive health insurance.
  • Interns will get an opportunity to gain research experience under the supervision of professionals.


Here are the criteria for IST internship program 2022:

  • Candidates can either be a bachelor’s or master’s current student or a bachelor’s/master’s graduate.
  • The degree must be in natural or computer sciences, mathematics or any discipline related to these.
  • Candidates must be holding an English proficiency certificate (any).


  • The application process for the IST internship program is online.
  • Candidates must choose a research topic and a research group for the IST internship program.
  • The candidate must contact the research group leader via E-mail (professor or assistant professor).
  • The E-mail must contain the following information:
  1. Short introduction
  2. Motivation statement
  3. CV (in pdf)
  4. Education history
  5. Relevant work experience
  6. Availability of dates to start the internship
  • The application process starts after the group leader finalizes the research topic.

Click here to apply

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