Illumina Agricultural Greater Good Initiative Grant 2024

Deadline: 30th of September, 2023

Illumina is dedicated to making tangible contributions to the agricultural community, with the goal of reducing hunger, malnutrition, and poverty. We are committed to enabling groundbreaking research that will result in increased sustainability, productivity, and nutritional density of agricultural species.

Through the Illumina Agricultural Greater Good Initiative, we are collaborating with the agricultural community to support research into enabling a more sustainable, nutritious food supply. The grant program is designed to help identify measures that can increase crop yields and improve livestock welfare and productivity to alleviate poverty and hunger in the developing world.

The Illumina Agricultural Greater Good Initiative grants launched in 2011, and are awarded annually. This program spurs critically needed research that will increase the sustainability, productivity, and nutritional density of agriculturally important crop and livestock species. Grant recipients receive donations of Illumina products to support their projects.


The Grand Prize winner will receive up to $350,000 of in-kind consumables and/or services at list price value on up to 1000 samples of your choice. The winner will be announced during the International Plant and Animal Genome Conference in January 2024.


The grant program is open to basic researchers in Agrigenomics at academic, for profit, or nonprofit institutions. Priority will be given to research that increases sustainability, productivity, and nutritional density of the world’s food supply.

In 400 words or less, provide an overview, a statement of work, and a description of the impact of your research. You may also include up to three figures, with legends, and a list of citations (with 200 word count limit).

In these sections, applicants should include:

  • Economic impact
  • Social impact
  • Collaborators
  • Nations represented
  • Technologies used
  • Other sources of funding

To be considered, all entries must:

  • Be in English
  • Be complete
  • Be an original work

Judging Criteria:

A team of Illumina scientists and executives will judge all submissions. Each submission will be judged based on our view of how well the entry reflects scientific merit, innovation, and fit with the values of the Illumina Agricultural Greater Good Initiative.

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