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Global Agrifood Techpreneur Programme 2023

Deadline: 20th of February, 2023

The Global Agrifood Techpreneur Programme 2023 is now accepting applications. The goal of the global agrifood techpreneur is to assist recent graduates in taking on their nation’s most pressing food sustainability concerns in order to increase food production and distribution, combat obesity and malnutrition, end hunger, and avoid food waste. The empowerment of local food distribution and production is their top focus.

How it Works:

  • Each year, young graduates are invited to submit an application about a food system
    challenge in their country and their solution to addressing it. All qualified proposals
    submitted for AgriFood TechPreneur programme will be promoted in March as they
    celebrate World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development. All qualified AgriFood
    TechPreneur will be enrolled in a 6 week interactive course on Entrepreneurship, Tech and
    Sustainability in the Food System starting in April and supported by RBS via Business Builder
    platform. They are also working with world class business schools across the globe to ensure
    that the course case studies are very informative and impactful. All AgriFood TechPreneurs
    will have access to the World Food tracker for free for one year to plan their farm set up and
    sell their AgriFood Produce. They are pleased to provide this amazing support to the
    AgriFood TechPreneurs while providing them with additional benefits such as sourcing
    sustainable nutrient, seeds, fry/fingerlings, chicks, piglets, etc. as well as sustainable farm
  • Where relevant, the AgriFood TechPreneurs will adjust their proposals based on the
    knowledge they have acquired during the 6 week interactive course on Entrepreneurship,
    Tech and Sustainability in the Food System. The updated proposal will be shared with the
    expert panel for evaluation and recommendation for support. All supports made available
    to the AgriFood TechPreneurs will be dependent on the quality of their proposal, their
    participation at the he 6 week interactive course on Entrepreneurship, Tech and
    Sustainability in the Food System and the supports that their partners can provide to them.
    These supports will be announced in June as they celebrate World Sustainable Gastronomy
    Day; providing more visibility for the AgriFood TechPreneurs. Through their partnership with
    Financial Institutions, they will support the AgriFood TechPreneurs to apply for finance to
    start or scale up their solution by improving their business plan based on the learning from
    the 6 week interactive course on Entrepreneurship, Tech and Sustainability in the Food
    System. Where a small scale trial is feasible, they will encourage the AgriFood TechPreneur
    to explore it as it will boost their business plan.


  • Open to young graduates and Agrifood Techpreneurs;
  • Be from anywhere in the world;
  • Demonstrate interest in addressing key food sustainability challenges in their country.


The application deadline is February 20, 2023 at 11:59pm, GMT+1. The training period is 6 weeks starting
from beginning of April.

Click here to apply

Oyin Olufayo

Oyin Olufayo is a Sustainable Development Goals Advocate. A recent graduate of The School of Politics, Policy, and Governance (SPPG) She is a Technical Writer, Political Writer, and a Content Writer. Her passion for sustainable development goals has been implemented by creating tangible solutions. She has featured in grassroots initiatives like TedX, World Literacy Foundation, Spur Nation Media, FRCN, Naija Law and etc. spreading the impact of Sustainable education, and also facilitated numerous events regarding SDGs.

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