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This fellowship is for the purpose of scientific collaboration, advanced training or employing techniques not available at the candidates’ usual place of work. FEBS Fellowship are granted for periods of no longer than two or, in exceptional cases, three months.

It is an highly competitive and respected programme for early-stage researchers, due to the rigorous selection methods and the packages offered. Most of its schemes over the years have supported graduate students and early-career researchers in the molecular life sciences in the FEBS area to move to and carry out a period of research in a lab in a different FEBS country, thus broadening their experience and training, giving access to additional research techniques and expertise, and facilitating international collaboration.


  • Applicants must have been awarded a PhD or published at least one paper as a main author in an international scientific journal.
  • Applicants work is aimed at furthering the science of biochemistry and molecular biology.
  • Must be a member of a FEBS Constituent Society.
  • Must be working in a laboratory in a FEBS member country.
  • Must  be seeking for a stay in a laboratory in a different FEBS member country.
  • Must not have been awarded a FEBS Short-Term Fellowship during the previous two years.
  • No more than six years have passed since you obtained your PhD degree, unless there are duly justified career breaks, such as compulsory national service and parental leave.


  • Available scientific collaboration and advanced training
  • Subsistence and travel costs for the fellow will be covered, Kindly note that expenses incurred by dependants are not provided. The daily subsistence allowance amounts to €90 per day. Travel costs will provide for a second-class rail fare or an economy flight between the place of residence and the host laboratory.

Application Details

  • Applications may be made at any time, but an application should be submitted at least three months before the proposed starting date.
  • The application process is handled online
  • Completed online applications written in English will be submitted to the Chairperson of the FEBS Fellowships Committee and will include the following information:a.  An outline of the research proposal, sufficiently detailed, on no more than two A4-sized pages of single-spaced text set out under the following headings (to be uploaded in pdf format):
    i. title;
    ii. nature of the work and outline of the experiments proposed;
    iii. why it is necessary to travel to a laboratory in another country to perform the work;
    iv. why the particular laboratory has been selected, including a list of relevant publications (up to five) from the host laboratory;
    v. why the project will require the time period requested.
    b.  A short curriculum vitae with a list of publications in the format of the references required by the FEBS Journal. Abstracts should not be included.
  •   The host acceptance form from the appointed head of the host institute or department, countersigned by the head of the research group(s) in which the applicant will be working, confirming that the applicant will be accepted to work at the institute, that its facilities will be made available to him/her to pursue the research proposed and that it will not ask FEBS or the applicant for any additional research grant, bench fees, or overheads, and indicating any dates the applicant has already spent at the institute. This should be provided on the official host acceptance form that can be downloaded from the application system, and should be scanned and uploded with the other applications documents.d.  A referee’s letter of support. A letter of support is required from an experienced scientist who knows the applicant and does not work at the host institute. This letter should be written on headed paper of the referee’s laboratory. Referees will be provided with a link for direct upload of their letter. Candidates are advised to notify their referee well in advance.e.  A dated letter from the appropriate FEBS Constituent Society confirming that the applicant is a member and indicating the date upon which the applicant joined the Society. The letter should be scanned and uploaded with the other documents.
  • The Fellowship should be taken up within six months of its award. Any delay will require the authorization of the Chairperson of the FEBS Fellowships Committee.
  • Within three months of completion of the Fellowship, Fellows must send electronically to the Chairperson of the FEBS Fellowships Committee a short report detailing the work done while in receipt of the Fellowship. The FEBS Fellowship should be acknowledged in any work published relating to the project funded and two reprints of each article should be sent electronically to the Chairperson of the Fellowships Committee.
  • A period of at least two years must elapse before applications for a second award of a FEBS Short-Term Fellowship will be considered.

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