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Ashoka Prudential Emerging Visionaries Programme 2023 (up to $15,000)

Deadline: 3rd of November, 2022

Do you see opportunity when others only see problems? Indicate in your application for the Ashoka Prudential Emerging Visionaries how you are overcoming economic or social hurdles in your neighbourhood and beyond.

Young people are recognised nationally through the Prudential Emerging Visionaries programme for their creative approaches to societal and financial problems in their local communities. A young individual with a big idea for impact and a plan to make it happen is an emerging visionary.


All eligible participants will receive:

  • Peer feedback via the Challenge online platform, including the opportunity to view, review, and connect with other Prudential Emerging Visionaries applicants.
  • Access to on-demand trainings to support you in your changemaking journey.
  • A digital certificate of participation.
  • The chance to be selected for one of two (2) Early Entry Awards ($1,000 each) if your application is submitted by September 29, 2022.

Winners will receive:

  • A cash award of up to $15,000, awarded as follows:
    • 25 winners will receive $5,000 each — 20 of these winners will be selected from the Societal Solutions category and 5 winners from the Financial Solutions category.
    • The 5 winners from the Financial Solutions category will be invited to join a pitch-off at the Prudential Emerging Visionaries Awards Summit at Prudential’s headquarters. From there, 1 Financial Solutions Grand Prize Winner will receive an additional $10,000 award, for a total of $15,000.
    • 1 winner of either category will also receive the Prudential Employees’ Choice Award—an additional $5,000, to be awarded at the Prudential Emerging Visionaries Awards Summit at Prudential’s headquarters. Note: The Financial Solutions Grand Prize Winner is not eligible to win the Prudential Employees’ Choice Award.
  • All 25 winners will receive an all-expense paid trip to Prudential’s headquarters in Newark, New Jersey on April 22-25, 2023, with a parent or guardian for the Prudential Emerging Visionaries Awards Summit. This will be an engaging experience in which participants will receive coaching, skills development, and an opportunity to meet with senior leaders from Prudential to help take their solution to the next level.


  • Participants must be individuals between the ages of 14 – 18 when applying and not older than 18 by the end of the entry period (November 3, 2022). Groups and partners are not eligible.
  • Participants must be legal residents of the United States or Puerto Rico.
  • Participants must have started their project on or before June 1, 2022.
  • Winners must bring one chaperone to the in-person event on April 22-25, 2023.
  • One application per person.
  • Applications must be submitted in English.
  • Prudential Emerging Visionaries and Prudential Spirit of Community National Honorees and State Honorees are NOT eligible to apply.
  • Employees and their children and grandchildren of Prudential, Ashoka, Financial Health Network, or its affiliates and participating advertising and promotion agencies are NOT eligible to apply.

Evaluation Criteria

Entries will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Innovation – Are you thinking innovatively to build financial health and resiliency or to solve social issues within your community?
  • Potential to Scale – Do you have a vision for the future? Will this innovation create meaningful impact, and does it have the ability to scale even beyond your own community?
  • Connection – Do you show a deep understanding of a problem or barrier you are trying to solve, and do you have a deep connection to the community you are bringing your solution to?
  • Changemaker Quality – Are you passionate about making a change for the good of all, ready to show leadership or take action to solve a problem, and looking to activate others?

In addition to the evaluation criteria described above, winners will be selected to represent the diversity of applications received. Diversity can be showcased in the target audience of a project or its partners. Diversity will refer to: gender, accessibility, ethnicity, race, age and geography.


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Oyin Olufayo

Oyin Olufayo is a Sustainable Development Goals Advocate. A recent graduate of The School of Politics, Policy, and Governance (SPPG) She is a Technical Writer, Political Writer, and a Content Writer. Her passion for sustainable development goals has been implemented by creating tangible solutions. She has featured in grassroots initiatives like TedX, World Literacy Foundation, Spur Nation Media, FRCN, Naija Law and etc. spreading the impact of Sustainable education, and also facilitated numerous events regarding SDGs.

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