Zero-Carbon Africa Impact Fellowship

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he most recent UNFCCC COP event hosted in Africa marked the continent’s high ambition on mitigation, adaptation and climate finance, demonstrating actual success stories on implementing commitments and fulfilling pledges. Today several African countries are signatories to the Paris Agreement, a commitment which will set the continent on a low-emission, green growth and climate-resilient development pathway that will not only help the Africa to meet its international climate commitments but also establish implementable policies and financing priorities for low emission economic growth and support buy-in and ownership across numerous stakeholders around a shared vision. One of the most practical ways of achieving the net-zero target by year 2050 is through building the knowledge and capacity of the youth population in line with goal 13 of the SDG.
The Zero Carbon Africa Impact program is primarily focused on ensuring that Africa remains committed towards achieving the net zero target by enhancing the capacity of young people as climate action leaders.

The Zero Carbon Africa Impact program aims to build a community of exceptional young African leaders who will champion and promote the net-zero advocacy across Africa.


  • To improve knowledge and capacity of the African Youth about climate action and their roles in the implementation of the process.
  • To raise youth networks to domesticate, engage and monitor the implementation of the net-zero climate action plan.
  • To strengthen the commitment of Africa towards net zero target, in line with the Paris Agreement and the net zero target at national and regional levels.
Program Structure:

The Program is designed as a 3-month long training and advocacy program for African Youths. The fellowship is divided into 3 components: The Master Class, Climate Action Impact Interventions and the Social Impact Showcase Event.

  • Masterclass

This is a comprehensive 8-week training package on sustainable development goal-13 and current international efforts in place to address the net-zero target. The training includes 16+ live sessions, original readings, and comprehensive assessments.

  • Climate Action Impact Interventions

As a prerequisite for final certification as Zero-Carbon Africa Impact fellows, the Fellows will be allocated into groups, tasked with planning and implementing a social impact project centred on climate action. This component of the Program which will run concurrently with the masterclass is geared towards providing the fellows with mentorship and practical
learnings as they take on various zero-carbon climate action projects in their countries. The fellows are expected to share best practices, lessons learned, and solutions on a weekly basis.

  • Social Impact Showcase Event

Each group comprising the fellows will be given opportunities to showcase their works. This event is intended to present lessons,  and sustainable solutions addressing climate change from the African continent while recognizing exceptional individuals


  1. 700+ exceptional young African leaders to gain vast knowledge on net-zero carbon and climate action-related subject areas and be empowered to lead
    climate action initiatives.
  2. 35000 community advocates in African communities to gain relevant skills and knowledge that boost entrepreneurship and employment opportunities in the green and blue economy.
  3. At least 28 high impact climate action initiatives were completed within the programme duration across Africa.

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