WIDU Local Call: #FoodCallEthiopia 2022 for Agribusinesses

Deadline: 30th of November, 2022

Are you an entrepreneur running a microbusiness or small business that supports Ethiopia’s production of safe, wholesome, and/or sufficient food? Or do you already have a clear idea for a business you want to start and a plan for how to make it happen? The new WIDU Local Call: #FoodCallEthiopia is your chance to expand or launch your business, therefore take advantage of it!

WIDU is now announcing a #FoodCall through which microbusinesses or business ideas that support enough, secure, and/or nutrient-dense food and agricultural production can get funds and mentoring in response to Ethiopia’s growing needs in this area.


  • 50-100 applicants will be selected to receive a WIDU grant and business coaching.
  • The grant amount is calculated by multiplying your investment by 2.5.
    • Example 1 (minimum amounts): For your investment of 14.000 ETB, you will receive 35.000 ETB as a grant.
    • Example 2 (maximum amounts): For your investment of 55.000 ETB, you will receive 137.500 ETB as a grant.


  • Applicants need to hold the Ethiopian citizenship;
  • Applicants need to be 18+ years old;
  • Applicants need to either have an existing small business or a concrete business idea.
  • Female entrepreneurs are specifically encouraged to apply.

Selection Criteria

There are multiple selection criteria that will be taken into consideration:

  • Impact on food security and nutrition
  • Overall quality of application (completeness, coherence, etc.)
  • Employment creation
  • Creation of income
  • Degree of innovation


After the closing of the application period, the most promising applications (50-100) will be selected. You will be informed of the decision by e-mail.

Click here to apply

Oyin Olufayo

Oyin Olufayo is a Sustainable Development Goals Advocate. A recent graduate of The School of Politics, Policy, and Governance (SPPG) She is a Technical Writer, Political Writer, and a Content Writer. Her passion for sustainable development goals has been implemented by creating tangible solutions. She has featured in grassroots initiatives like TedX, World Literacy Foundation, Spur Nation Media, FRCN, Naija Law and etc. spreading the impact of Sustainable education, and also facilitated numerous events regarding SDGs.

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