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THRIVE Global Impact Challenge 2023

Deadline: 28th of June, 2023

The urgency of the climate crisis is more apparent than ever and disruptive innovation is key to creating a more sustainable, prosperous, inclusive, healthy and equitable future. The THRIVE Global Impact Challenge is a global search for the most innovative startups who are advancing a more sustainable future for agriculture. Aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the Global Impact Challenge is focused on four key themes each one central to supporting the transition to a net-zero future for agriculture.

  • Soil health & Biodiversity
The Soil Health & Diversity focus area centers around the critical importance of nurturing and preserving the health and diversity of our soil ecosystems. This focus area seeks innovative solutions that promote sustainable agricultural practices, soil conservation, and the enhancement of soil fertility. By addressing soil health and diversity, we can ensure long-term food security, enhance biodiversity, and mitigate the impacts of climate change.
  • Increasing food security
The Increasing Food Security focus area aims to tackle the pressing challenge of feeding a growing global population sustainably. This area seeks solutions that address issues such as efficient resource utilization, climate-resilient agriculture, advanced farming techniques, and food waste reduction. By increasing food security, we can alleviate hunger, improve livelihoods, and foster sustainable development worldwide.
  • Reducing and offsetting GHG emissions
Reducing and Offsetting Emissions focuses on combating climate change by promoting innovative solutions that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the offsetting of carbon footprints. This area seeks technologies and strategies that support the transition to a low-carbon economy, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon capture and storage, and sustainable transportation. By tackling emissions, we can mitigate climate change’s adverse effects and create a more sustainable future.
  • Water management and quality:

The Water Management & Quality focus area addresses the crucial need for sustainable water management and the preservation of water resources. It seeks solutions that ensure efficient water usage, enhance water quality, and support access to clean water for all. This area encompasses technologies and practices related to water conservation, water treatment, wastewater management, and water monitoring. By prioritizing water management and quality, we can safeguard ecosystems, protect human health, and promote equitable access to this precious resource.


Finalists from each theme will advance to the finals and pitch at the THRIVE Global Impact Summit where the overall winner will be announced.

The Winning company receives the THRIVE Global Impact Challenge Award and a place on the award-winning THRIVE Global Accelerator Program in Silicon Valley. In addition the winner will also receive:

Selection Criteria

These selection criteria will help us identify and support startups and entrepreneurs who are actively working towards creating sustainable and impactful solutions aligned with our mission and vision.
  • Seed to Series A:

Applicants should be early-stage startups or entrepreneurs at the seed to Series A stage. We welcome innovative ideas and solutions that have the potential for growth and scalability.

  • Global Applicants:

We invite applications from around the world. Entrepreneurs and startups from any country or region are encouraged to apply, as we value diverse perspectives and global collaboration.

  • Adhesion to Focus Areas:

Applicants should demonstrate a clear alignment with one or more of the above focus areas. Solutions should address the specific challenges within these areas and offer innovative approaches for positive impact.

  • Proven Climate & Environmental Impact (Preferred):

While not mandatory, we highly value applicants who can demonstrate a proven impact on climate and the environment. This includes showcasing tangible outcomes, data-driven results, or successful implementation of solutions that have positively influenced sustainability, carbon reduction, biodiversity, or other environmental aspects.

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