The Roux Prize 2023 for health innovation

Deadline: 25thof April, 2023

The Roux Prize was established to recognize people or organizations from all across the world who have applied health evidence in daring, ground-breaking, and significant ways.

Details: The $100,000 Roux Prize was instituted by David and Barbara Roux in 2013 to recognize creativity in the use of disease burden research. In addition to highlighting what is possible when visionaries utilize health evidence to impact lives, the award honors the individual who has used health evidence in novel ways to improve the health of others.


The $100,000 Roux Prize is awarded annually by the nomination process.


  • The Roux Prize is intended for anyone who has used health evidence in innovative ways to improve the health of the population.
  • The Roux Prize welcome diverse entries: winners might be workers within government agencies, researchers at academic institutions, volunteers in charitable organizations, or health providers working in the community

Each year, the winner receives $100,000 that can be put toward anything that the winner wishes. Past recipients have used their winnings to fund academic scholarships, their research, or their own life’s causes.

Details included in the nomination form:

  • Nominee’s personal information: title, name, degrees, position or role, organization, email, phone number, and physical address.
  • Nomination statement (1000 word limit): The nomination statement should express why you feel this candidate is deserving of the Roux Prize. The strongest nominations will be those which:
    • Describe the scope and relevance of the problem addressed by the nominee.
    • Describe how the candidate used evidence to improve population health. Please include specific examples that highlight the importance of the evidence for achieving the outcome, and highlight the breadth and significance of the impact on the population.
    • Describe the nominee and the context in which they performed their work, including any barriers or obstacles they had to overcome to achieve the outcome.
    • Describe any innovations the nominee implemented in their use of evidence.
    • Describe how the prize would benefit the nominee.
    • Optional: Supporting materials. You may provide any documents which provide evidence of the nominee’s achievements and in particular highlight how the nominee used evidence to improve population health and/or the magnitude and relevance of the impact of the nominee’s work. These could include peer-reviewed articles, media publications, letters of support, etc. (5 maximum)
  • Nominator’s personal information: title, name, degrees, position or role, organization, email, phone number, and physical address.
    • Optional: Co-nominator personal information: title, name, degrees, position or role, organization, email, phone number, and physical address.

The selection process:

The winner of the Roux Prize is selected in two rounds. First, the Roux Prize Nomination Committee – comprised of distinguished individuals in population health research, policy, and practice – reviews all nominations and selects the finalists. Then, the finalists are reviewed and a winner is selected by the Roux Prize Nomination Board.


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