EHAM Full Stack Software Development Bootcamp

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Founded in 2021, EHAM is in the business of talent transformation with a Software Engineering focus. They provide win-win solutions that will delight both aspiring software engineers and IT companies looking for creative engineering talent with their full stack development bootcamp.

At EHAM, they offer comprehensive software engineering training developed by HOLBERTON, USA that covers the full spectrum of software engineering. The training program is designed to equip you with skills and knowledge to become a well-rounded software/product engineer.

With EHAM’s full-stack development bootcamp, you can build a stellar project portfolio, crack interviews at top product companies, and become a versatile developer from day one!

  • Structured, industry-vetted curriculum
  • Immersive and practical learning through real-life projects
  • Outcome driven pedagogy like mock interviews, Github, soft skills training
  • Exclusive mentorship from industry experts
  • Placement at EHAM & parent product companies
  • Career support via dedicated recruitment team, alumni network

Our training programs cover a range of topics, including algorithms and data structures, software design and architecture, software testing and quality assurance and much more.


  • Holistic Understanding of Full-Stack Development

Gain expertise in the latest technologies and tools to build dynamic and scalable web applications, prepare for real-world challenges, and succeed in your tech career.

  • Learn In-Demand skills

Upgrade your technical and soft skills for real career growth with our job-ready curriculum curated by industry experts from Silicon Valley.

  • Build a portfolio with hands-on projects

Boost your credibility and stand out from your competitors by building an impressive portfolio with our practical, hands-on projects.

  • Work on World class products

Get access to our curated tech jobs relevant to your skillset to stand in the spotlight you deserve.

  • Placement

Upon graduation, get access to exciting opportunities with EHAM or partner product companies as a full stack Engineer with an attractive job offer.


  • Step #1: Prove your readiness for our bootcamp by acing EHAM Tech Aptitude Test (ETAT)
  • Step #2: Get the real-world experience and workplace preparedness that employers seek with our full stack development bootcamp.
  • Step #3: Graduate with a guaranteed job offer at EHAM or partner companies

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