A. G. Leventis African Biodiversity Fellowship Programme 2023/2024 at the University of Oxford

Deadline: 11th of May, 2023

The A. G. Leventis African Biodiversity Fellowship Programme 2023/2024 is now accepting applications. The program provides NGO, government, and commercial personnel working on biodiversity conservation, as well as academic researchers, with the chance to connect with academics stationed at the University of Oxford and benefit from the University’s training, resources, and opportunities.

The initiative allows you to spend up to three months at Oxford, taking training courses, networking and forming collaborations, producing papers, and developing ideas. It also provides virtual assistance, training, and networking opportunities both before and after the trip to Oxford. Selected applicants may spend their Fellowship in any University Department as long as their project is related to conservation.

The programme will have three core aims:

  • To support conservation practitioners in the local and international NGO
    sectors, government officials who are designing and implementing conservation policies,
    and businesses developing and implementing corporate biodiversity strategies to build
    their skills, capabilities and networks and thereby enhance their ability to contribute to
    conservation in their home country;
  • To ensure that Oxford’s research is informed by, and meaningful for, real-world
    conservation issues, and is carried out in collaboration with in-country end-users;
  • To build long-term relationships between Oxford researchers and conservation
    practitioners, strengthening Oxford’s ability to make a real-world difference.


  • Open only to African nationals.
  • They welcome applications from people at any stage of their career, in any sector, including
    those working in academia, government, industry or NGOs. However, you must be working
    in conservation science or practice, and you must be able to demonstrate clearly how
    coming to Oxford will benefit your career, will enable you to form new and mutually
    beneficial collaborations with people in Oxford or strengthen existing collaborations, and
    how it will lead to positive conservation outcomes.
  • There is no need for you to submit proof of English language proficiency, but candidates
    should be comfortable interacting with their peers, attending seminars and making
    presentations in English.


Before applying, ensure that you are able to join the programme in the UK for up to three
months, and that if you are working you will be able to step away from your daily tasks and focus
on your specific project during that time.

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