Zuckerberg Water Prize 2024

Deadline: 15th of January, 2024

Mr. Zuckerberg is the Honorary Chairman of the Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research (ZIWR), which leads interdisciplinary, cutting-edge research and advanced education in water sciences, aimed at improving human well-being in drylands through technologies and policies for sustainable use of water resources.

The  Zuckerberg Water Prize is an international award, and the Executive Committee welcomes the nomination of candidates researching, developing or implementing impactful and lasting water knowledge, solutions, management and policies all over the world.

Nominations will be evaluated by a panel of leading international experts comprising the Executive Committee of the Zuckerberg Institute. Members of the Executive Committee are foremost leaders in their fields and represent different disciplines, approaches, institutions and organizations within the global field of Water.

Nominated candidates are evaluated on the following criteria, with a focus on ensuring equal opportunities: :

  • Outstanding Achievements of Lasting Significance
  • Public Advocacy
  • Academic, Technological or Policy Research, or International Development
  • Leadership in Water Issues

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