The Universal Postal Union (UPU) International Letter-Writing Competition for 2024

Deadline: 5th of May, 2024

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) International Letter-Writing Competition for 2024 is now accepting applications.The UPU has been encouraging young writers (ages 9 to 15) to send letters on a specified topic since 1971 in order to win attractive rewards. Young people may learn a lot about the value of postal services in our society by participating in the competition.

The International Bureau, the UPU secretariat, selects and announces a subject once a year. The tournament is then run at the national level by participating nations via the Post, sometimes with assistance from the media and educational authorities.

In 2024, participants will be encouraged to reflect on the future of the world under the theme: “At 150 years old, the UPU has served people around the world for more than eight generations. The world has changed enormously since then. Write a letter to future generations about the world you hope they inherit.”

For this special edition, the UPU is organizing the 53rd International Letter-Writing Competition in partnership with UNICEF to empower children and youth worldwide by encouraging literacy and creativity through the art of letter writing.

This campaign aims to raise the voices of children and youth and provide them a platform, in the lead up to the Summit of the Future and the 35th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, to share their perspectives of the world and the legacy they wish the future generations to inherit. This campaign is an opportunity for children and young people not only to influence and be heard by a global audience including people in power but also to be valued and respected while promoting literacy and creativity.

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