The Trash To Cash Challenge: A Green Business Competition 2023

Deadline: 24th of July, 2023

The rubbish to Cash Challenge is a fun contest that gives competitors the opportunity to turn rubbish into cutting-edge, environmentally friendly items and start their very own green enterprises. It’s time to get together and convert garbage into money!

The objective is straightforward yet effective: gather rubbish from your neighborhood and see it as a useful resource.


  • Every participant will receive a certificate of participation, marking their commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Moreover, you’ll become part of a vibrant global community, connecting with like-minded individuals from around the world.
  • It’s an opportunity to share experiences, ideas, and resources, fostering greater awareness and positive change.
  • The Trash to Cash Challenge offers a total of $750 in cash prizes across the three categories. Junior Eco Champions (5 to 12 years old) can compete for a prize of USD 200, Teen Eco Innovators (13 to 18 years old) have the chance to win USD 250, and Young Ecopreneurs (19 to 25 years old) will vie for USD 300.
  • It’s not only about the cash; it’s about making a difference and igniting your entrepreneurial journey!


The Trash to Cash Challenge invites individuals aged 5-25 from all countries to participate individually or in teams of up to 10 people.



Once you’ve taken the Green Pledge, you’ll gain access to all the information and updates needed to kickstart your journey.

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