The Google Hustle Academy Bootcamp Academy Program 2023

Deadline: 12th of October, 2023

The Google ‘Hustle Academy Brings You’ is an African Entrepreneurship Speaker series featuring outstanding African entrepreneurs sharing how they grew their businesses in Africa amidst the challenges and lessons they have learned.

Take your business to the next level with our free week-long bootcamp  Google Hustle Academy is here to help your business power up to the next level. Get access to live training sessions, 1-1 mentorship and masterclasses by industry leaders, all for free.

This bootcamp, delivered online by subject matter experts, is designed to help small businesses grow by increasing revenue, positioning for investment, and building a sustainable business for the future.

The Google Hustle Academy is currently open to businesses in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

Topics Covered:

  • Day 1: Business Strategy
  • Day 2: Business Development
  • Day 3: Digital Marketing
  • Day 4: Financial Planning
  • Day 5: Pitching for Success

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