The Gered Gereedschap Call for Proposals: (AFRICA) Strengthen Vocational Education and Entrepreneurship

Deadline: 1st of March, 2024

A request for proposals to support business and vocational education has been launched by the Gered Gereedschap.

Programs and initiatives for vocational training that meet the needs of the local labor market are ideally supported by the Gered Gereedschap. We particularly appreciate educational institutions and initiatives that stimulate youth entrepreneurship and provide ongoing assistance following their training. Additionally, initiatives that focus on gender equality, marginalized groups, cooperatives, ecological awareness, and environmental conservation are given preference.

Gered Gereedschap is a Dutch NGO which has been making a consistent effort for craftsmen and women in developing countries for the last 40 years. Projects supported by Gered Gereedschap strengthen technical vocational education and entrepreneurship in Africa. The support is practical, tangible and comprehensive. From tool sets and machines for schools, fully equipped sewing workshops to the education of technical vocational teachers. All the support is directed towards one purpose: promoting technical craftsmanship as a basis for self-reliance.

The programmes of Gered Gereedschap – under the name of EQUIP – support craftsmanship in the broadest sense of the word: education, employment and entrepreneurship.


  • Focus countries are: Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana and Malawi. Organisations operating in these countries can apply for support.
  • Gered Gereedschap only supports projects in which the target group itself takes the initiative and remains active in the preparation, decision-making and implementation of the project.
  • Gered Gereedschap offers free transport of the materials to the nearest international port if the support consists of tools, machines or workshops. For landlocked countries overland transport to a capital can be arranged as well.
  • Costs of customs clearance and transport to the final destination are the responsibility of the applicant organisation. Gered Gereedschap neither offers nor mediates in insurance, clearance, storage and/or local transport costs.
  • Gered Gereedschap never provides financial support, agricultural equipment or household appliances.
  • In the case of the supply of a rental shop and/or multipurpose workshop, the applicant organisation is responsible for the operation. There will be an agreement between Gered Gereedschap and the receiving party in which the rights and obligations with respect to the use, support and reporting are clearly laid down.


Individual organisations interested in working with us can apply for support with:
Tools and machines

Support to vocational education and training programs in Africa by supplying hand tools, workshop machines, power tools and sewing machines.

Rental workshops

A skilled craftsman cannot do his job without good quality tools and machines. Together with its partners, Gered Gereedschap sets up tool rental locations which gives local craftsmen access to quality tools

Multipurpose location

Gered Gereedschap can arrange working space to provide vocational training or to start a small business. This concerns multipurpose workshops based on standard 20ft and 40ft sea containers.


A request for support provided by Gered Gereedschap starts with submitting an application form. You can find a link to this form on The application must be submitted before March 1, 2024. All organizations are assessed according to established criteria and assessment guidelines. You may be asked to provide any additional information or documents.

Final decision:
All applications submitted before March 1, 2024 will be notified before May 1, 2024 whether its request for support will be granted. Assigned projects receive information about the further procedure.

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