Terraformation Seed to Carbon Forest Accelerator 2024

Deadline: 30th of November, 2023

The application for Terraformation Seed to Carbon Forest Accelerator is now open. They function as an extension of your team to identify, design, and grow reforestation projects that deliver a portfolio of high-quality carbon credits.


  • Software solutions and training for monitoring progress and identifying bottlenecks
  • A free feasibility study to assess your project’s carbon potential ($20,000 USD value)
  • Networking with other forestry teams
  • Pilot capital and additional funding opportunities
  • Infrastructure and technology, like seed banks and nurseries
  • Project design document (PDD)
  • Design for long-term impact (40+ years) and community engagement
  • Development of complementary sustainable business models for multiple revenue streams (carbon credits, agroforestry, silvopasture, NTFP)


The Accelerator is open to forest restoration teams around the globe. You might be a great fit if you have:
  • Shared values – Share our values of biodiversity and native ecosystem restoration
  • Land access – Have long-term access and rights to reforest at least 1,500 hectares of land
  • Tropical or subtropical location – Our forestry accelerator is designed to support organizations focused on tropical or subtropical reforestation projects and communities only
  • An experienced team – Already have a team with forest restoration experience
  • Interest in carbon markets – Are interested in learning more about carbon market financing
  • Long-term planning – Are focused on restoring forests that last for generations and benefit the environment and communities around those forests
  • Sustainable business models – Have experience with complementary sustainable business models like agroforestry and non-timber forest products

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