Swedish Institute (SI) Creative Partnerships Programme 2024

Deadline: 8th of February, 2024

The Swedish Institute (SI) Creative Partnerships Programme grants funding to Swedish organisations and their international partners in civil society, culture and the media. The programme supports projects which aim to promote democracy, human rights and freedom of expression.

Creative Partnerships is a new project that will take the place of the Creative Force program. It is available to Swedish organizations and their project partners in the countries we are targeting. Projects sponsored by the program should contribute to the creation of better circumstances for democratic growth, human rights, and freedom of expression in the countries covered by the program.


  • The main applicant must be a Swedish organisation (legal entity) from civil society or the public or private sectors.
  • You must apply with a project partner in one or more of the target countries listed above.
  • Your organisation must be registered as a legal entity in Sweden.
  • Your organisation must have been registered in Sweden for at least two years.
  • Your project partner(s) may be formal or informal cultural actors, networks of journalists or other types of media organisation in the target country.
  • They can also be found in civil society or the public or private sectors.

Target Groups:

  • The target group of your project should be agents of change, opinion makers and drivers of democratic development in the target country.
  • These can be influential leaders in civil society, the business sector, education, culture, the media and public administration.
  • They should specifically be people who are in a position to bring about change in the organisations or sectors they work in.

Your project’s target group can be found:

  • in your project partner organisation(s) in the target country(s)
  • in other organisations/networks in the target country(s) which participate in the project

Click here to apply 

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