Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign Innovation Fellowship 2023

Deadline: 12th of August, 2022

The Biodesign Innovation Fellowship is a 10-month program that gives aspiring innovators the to ols they need to recognize critical medical needs, develop novel health technologies to meet those needs (such as medical devices, diagnostics, digital health, drug delivery, and biotechnology solutions), and get ready to integrate those products into patient care through start-up, corporations, or other channels.

Participants in the Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellowship receive training in the repeatable, successful Biodesign innovation process used to find, develop, and use novel health innovations. The Innovation Fellows also join the Stanford Biodesign community, a permanent global network of innovators driven by a desire to improve healthcare


  • The fellowship is a full-time, rigorous experience that runs each year from early August to early June.
  • Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellows get a monthly stipend and health benefits during their fellowship.


  • Applicants are welcome from any country.
  • Open to people with advanced degrees and/or significant professional experience in the fields of engineering, life sciences, computer science, business, product design, law, medicine, or nursing
  • The selection of fellows will be based on their background, motivation, and potential to become prominent innovators in the health technology sector.


    1. How do your future goals relate to the Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellowship? What do you intend to do with your training once the fellowship is over? (max. 300 words)
    2. Everyone has traveled a different journey to their current location in life. Tell us about some of the difficulties and obstacles you have encountered along the way. What role do these experiences have in the person you are today? (max. 300 words)
    3. Consider yourself the company’s founder, testing a breakthrough health technology in anticipation of regulatory approval. Your investors expect the regulatory filing to be done within a few weeks, and time and money are both limited. Your clinical trial’s most recent findings are encouraging, and your technology exhibits both safety and effectiveness. On closer inspection, a consultant notes that the majority of the study’s participants are Caucasian men from comparable socioeconomic backgrounds . All genders, people of all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds, and people of all sexes are affected by the issue you aim to solve. What is your respond? (max. 300 words)
  • CV (max. 3 pages)
  • English proficiency certificate (To participate in the fellowship, you must speak and write English well. You do not have to submit the results of an English proficiency test if your most recent degree was obtained from a college or university where English is the primary language of teaching. If not, kindly submit your TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE results from a test taken within the previous 24 months.)
  • Transcript of most recent degree
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Video 

There are many different methods to contribute to a team, including organizing, leading, conducting extensive research, coming up with original ideas, performing rapid prototyping, and/or fostering team cohesion. Tell them about the two to three team roles that you’re most likely to play in no more than two minutes. Instead of including the video with your application materials, upload it to Vimeo or YouTube (they advise using the “unlisted” option to prevent your recording from being found publicly). They ask you to do this since your video will be reviewed independently from the rest of your application materials and by various reviewers.

Submission Guidelines

  • Do not go above two minutes (it will not be viewed beyond the two-minute mark).
  • Only record yourself from the shoulders up; exclude any other people, objects, or videos (they are interested in your response & communication skills, not your video editing capabilities).
  • To ensure a steady recording, utilize a web camera or smartphone/video camera on a tripod, if possible.
  • Before submitting the link, please check to ensure the video can be accessed at that URL.
  • If you have developed any specific intellectual property that hasn’t been legally protected, don’t talk about it.

Application Fee

  • You’ll have to pay the $95 USD non-refundable application fee when ready to submit your application. Please be aware that your application fee will not be refunded if your application is found to be deficient at the time of the application deadline (for example, if three letters of recommendation are missing).
  • To request an application fee waiver, email Meghan Stawitcke at meghans4@stanford.edu if paying the application fee will put you in financial hardship.

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