Royal Society Rising Star Africa Prize 2024

Deadline: 23rd of February, 2023

The Royal Society Rising Star Africa Prize 2023 is awarded to Dr Wade Petersen for his research into new methods for the construction of molecules relevant to drug discovery using visible light as a source of energy. Dr Petersen will be awarded the prize during the associated lecture which will be scheduled for early 2024.

The Royal Society Rising Star Africa Prize is to recognise early-career research scientists based in Africa who are making an innovative contribution to the physical, mathematical and engineering sciences. The prize was established in memory of Paul O’Brien FRS and his work encouraging excellence in science and education in Africa.


  • Winners will receive a grant of £14,000 to support their research and a personal gift of £1,000.


  • The Royal Society Rising Star Africa Prize is open to African citizens.
  • Application is restricted to early career scientists with no more than 15 years since achieving their PhD (not including career breaks).
  • Nominations will remain valid and shall be considered by the award selection committee throughout three nomination cycles.

The terms and conditions of the Royal Society Rising Star Africa Prize (PDF) should be read before submitting a nomination.

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