Queen Elizabeth Prize for Innovation in Engineering 2025

Deadline: 7th of June, 2024

The 2025 Queen Elizabeth Prize for Innovation in Engineering is now accepting applications.The QEPrize invites public nominations that highlight a diverse range of engineering breakthroughs from throughout the world, as well as nominees from all areas of the profession. Nominations for the QEPrize can come from anywhere in the globe because it is an international prize. The sole restrictions are that posthumous and self-nominations are not permitted.


  • The £500,000 prize is the world’s most prestigious engineering accolade, awarded to up to 10 engineers responsible for a bold, groundbreaking engineering innovation of global benefit to humanity.


The judges will use these criteria to select the winner, or winners, of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering:

  • What is it that this person has done (or up to ten people have done) that is a ground-breaking innovation in engineering?
  • In what way has this innovation been of global benefit to humanity?
  • Is there anyone else who might claim to have had a pivotal role in this development?

The Process:

Please read the Prize Rules & Conditions before starting your nomination.

  • Nominations will be managed online.
  • Nominees will receive an email informing them of the nomination.
  • Referees will be invited to support the nomination, entering their references on the website.
  • Completed, eligible nominations will go forward to the judges.

Nominations Checklist:

  • Does the innovation have global impact?
  • Can you identify up to 10 engineers responsible?
  • Do you have enough information to write a case for nomination?
  • Are you able to identify at least 2 people who are familiar enough with the innovation to act as referees?

Click here to apply 

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