Prix Virginia Prize 2024 (Win €10,000)

Deadline: 7th of May, 2024

An international prize awarded to a woman photographer, the Virginia Prize has been awarded every two years since 2012 to a professional photographer, of any nationality, with no age limit for photographic work, excluding press and advertising commissions, unpublished in France. Like every two years since 2012, the Prix Virginia will promote women photographers all over the world and help one of them to pursue her work with a 10k€ grant. Apply and take part to the 7th edition of the Prix Virginia now!

Every two years, a professional female photographer of any nationality who is still alive is eligible to win the Virginia Prize. There is no age restriction. It costs nothing to register for the Virginia Prize. Press photos and images from advertising orders are unaffected. Images that are entered for the Virginia Prize cannot have been shown in a French exhibition. It’s possible, though, that the artist has already shown other pieces in France.

The Prize will be formally presented in November 2024. In accordance with the conditions that have been announced in advance, the announcement will be made live on public television. The precise date will be announced as soon as possible on the website, on social media, and in the newsletter.


  • €10,000 paid by the Sylvia S Association to the winner.
  • A selection of 10 photographers who will be highlighted through a newsletter, on the prize website, and on social networks.


  • Any professional female photographer, of any nationality, living, with no age limit.
  • Photographs for the press and from advertising orders are not affected.
  • Photos submitted to the Virginia Prize must not have been the subject of an exhibition in France. However, the artist may have already exhibited other works in France.
  • Applications are free or submitted through international experts (photo editors, photographers’ agents, critics, gallery owners, etc.).



  • Visit the Apply link by clicking on the “APPLY NOW” button.
  • Register and login to your account to complete your submission.

Before registering you must prepare:

  • A complete resume (PDF Format).
  • A brief letter of intent: written by the candidate describing the creative and artistic dimension of the work submitted. (PDF Format).
  • 12 to 18 photos: free theme, in black and white and/or color. It is strongly recommended that you submit a cohesive body of your work rather than images alone. ( jpg format)

Technical Requirements:

  • Each photo must be in jpeg format , 72 dpi and not exceed 2 MB (or Mb).
  • Each photo must include in its title the number of the photograph, the name of the candidate, the title of the photograph, and the date. example: 01_LastNameFirstName_TitlePhoto

Click here to apply

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