Post-Doctoral Fellow Position in UAE, Khalifa University

In order to create world leaders and critical thinkers in applied science and engineering, the recently founded Khalifa University of Science and Technology combines The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research, and The Petroleum Institute into one elite, research-intensive institution. The goal of Khalifa University of Science and Technology is to be a pioneer among research-intensive universities in the twenty-first century and to spur the development of Abu Dhabi and the UAE’s knowledge economy. Position of Post-Doctoral Fellow in the UAE.


  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering, or Material Science and Engineering, with specialization in computational and constitutive modeling.
  • Experience in modeling and simulation of polymers with emphasis on thermo-mechanical, computational and constitutive modeling.
  • Strong background in polymer science, including mechanical and thermal experimental characterization of polymers is preferred.
  • Advanced knowledge of finite element analysis software (Abaqus, PolyUMod)
  • Programming skills such as Python, Matlab, Fortran.
  • Good experimental mechanics and polymer testing skills
  • Ability to prepare high-quality scientific manuscripts evidenced by a scholarly record as leading author.

Postdoctoral fellow position in Multi-Physics Computational Modeling and Experimental Procedure of Butt Fusion Welding of Plastic Pipes

The cooling systems of water pipes are sensitive components of power plants, and steel pipes have traditionally served as the foundation of cooling systems in nuclear power plants (NPP). However, steel is prone to corrosion, which could pose problems with plant safety. A suitable solution to minimise maintenance and inspection and potential degradation is the use of corrosion immune polymeric materials such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE). As more demanding applications with greater pressure and larger diameter requirements start to emerge, the goal of the project is to address the challenges with the thermal butt fusion welding (BFW) process related to the joining of large diameter HDPE pipes for the application in nuclear power plants (NPPs). The BFW process involves thermo-mechanical and polymer sciences, which is the scientific core of the project and will be the basis for the development of an accurate computational modelling framework. The computational model will analyze the influence of anomalies such as lack of fusion, shrinkage pores, foreign matter inclusions, misalignments, and residual stresses on the final weld, as well as the effect of HDPE pipe size on weld quality and the overall integrity of the pipe and its connection.


  • Testing and multi-physics modeling of the butt-fusion welding (BFW) process of HDPE pipes.
  • Conducting material lab scale testing of HDPE pipe grade.
  • Develop, calibrate and validated an elastic-viscoplastic temperature dependent constitutive thermo-mechanical material model, based on extensive material testing, for implementation in a finite element framework.
  • Development of a multi-physics computational modelling framework of the BFW processes of HDPE material (i.e. Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian numerical scheme).
  • Design and manufacturing of customized BFW test rig
  • Carry out numerical simulations using a variety of modeling software tools (e.g. Abaqus, PolyUMod, Matlab, Hyperworks, and others).
  • Prepare quality manuscripts intended for submission to leading peer-reviewed journals and conferences.
  • Contribute administratively to the project in whole as required by the PI.
  • Assist in supervising graduate student members of the project team.

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