Planet Reimagined New Futures Fellowships 2024

Deadline: 31st of January, 2023

The New Futures Fellowship is a three-month remote fellowship program that focuses on innovative and interdisciplinary solutions to the climate crisis. This fellowship brings together activists and scholars from around the globe to conduct research, make policy recommendations, and produce creative digital content.

Our 2024 fellowship is centered around two critical themes: Climate + River Delta Communities and Clean Energy + Environmental Justice. From May 28, 2024, to September 6, 2024, fellows will collaborate in teams, taking on roles as researchers, campaigners, communicators, and policy analysts.

The fellowship is a full-time educational experience with a stipend of $2500. All scheduled events, which will include writing training, advocacy training, digital skills training, communications workshops, and expert speaker sessions, are crucial components of this immersive experience. In addition to scheduled events, fellows will actively participate in collaborative team efforts and conduct independent research. Given the global participation of this program, fellows must be highly flexible in accommodating different time zones to collaborate effectively with others in the group.

By the end of August 2024, the Fellowship teams will produce an academic-style policy paper proposing a solution to the assigned problem, an advocacy plan with concrete recommendations, and multimedia products such as explainer videos and infographics to clearly communicate the issue and its stakes.


  • The Climate and River Delta Communities fellowship group will research specific problems related to river deltas, with the aim of advocating for policies to involve local communities in maintaining the long-term values of rivers, with delta areas under threat from climate change, environmental pollution, resource extraction and other challenges. Applicants with specific experience in working on rivers are especially welcome to apply. This group will study specific delta systems and interview community members to support local solutions related to the multiple roles rivers play in food production, energy, culture and the health of oceans. Fellows will develop policy recommendations based on the research and design effective advocacy strategies to propel constructive change.
  • The Clean Energy + Environmental Justice fellowship group will undertake an overview of the environmental justice issues in frontline energy communities in the Western U.S., including cumulative health impacts, air quality issues, energy poverty, workforce development, and the participation of marginalized populations and tribal governments. Fellows will help account for the potential positive impact of fair energy transition projects. Applicants with an interest in using diverse data and original research to address environmental justice concerns in frontline communities are especially welcomed to contribute their expertise.


  • Open to undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in a degree program or entering a graduate degree program by January 2025.
  • All fellowship activities will be fully online, and fellows must have regular internet access to participate.
  • Fellows must be able to work and write fluently in English.
  • Fellows may come from any field of study including natural and physical sciences, social science, arts, humanities communications, journalism, public relations etc. What we look for is sustained commitment to climate justice issues.


To apply, you will be required to submit the following:

  • Personal statement (500 word maximum)
  • CV
  • Professional or academic article

Strengthen your candidacy with additional supporting documents:

  • Creative content sample

  • Writing sample for broad audience

Applications are being accepted until January 31, 2024 at 11:59 PM EST.

Click here to apply

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