NEWS Engineering/GOTNI Leadership Centre Masterclass 2023

Deadline: 10th of October, 2023

The application for NEWS Engineering/GOTNI Leadership Centre Masterclass 2023 is now open. In honor of four decades of industry excellence in engineering and construction, NEWS Engineering Nigeria Limited is thrilled to collaborate with the GOTNI Leadership Centre in sponsoring the leadership development of 40 young professionals within the engineering and construction space.

This initiative comes to life through an intensive two-day leadership masterclass designed to bolster leadership capabilities of professionals within the sector.

About the Masterclass:

In today’s dynamic business and social landscape, leadership isn’t merely about holding a position; it’s about embracing change, mobilizing resources, and driving growth. Successful organizations require leaders who not only envision a prosperous future but also possess the acumen to unite teams and harness available resources for sustainable growth.

Yet, many managers find themselves at a crossroads, lacking the essential leadership capacities to set clear goals, communicate a compelling vision, craft actionable strategies, inspire their teams, and drive the desired outcomes. The missing link lies in equipping these individuals with the knowledge, skills, and mindset of an effective leader.

This is where the leadership masterclass comes in; the leadership masterclass is meticulously designed to bridge this crucial gap in leadership skills. We understand the intricate demands of today’s fast-paced world and the pressing need for strategic and proactive leaders. This masterclass isn’t about theory; it’s a transformative experience aimed at empowering participants to embody effective leadership.


This transformative course, valued at N500,000 per participant, has been generously sponsored by NEWS Engineering Nigeria Limited. Participants will have the unique opportunity to:

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