MATSUMAE International Foundation Research Fellowship Program 2024

Deadline: 30th of June, 2024

Interested individuals are thus encouraged to apply for enrollment in the MATSUMAE International Foundation Research Fellowship Program for the academic year 2024–2025. The fellowship can only be awarded within the time frame listed in the grant letter; it cannot be reduced or prolonged. The grant can only be awarded to the person named in the grant letter.

Only those who are awarded fellowships will be able to use them for their required living costs as well as research activities in Japan. This fellowship is not transferable in any situation. The Matsumae International Fellowship shall not be responsible for any immigration processes, airfare, or lodging costs for the chosen applicant’s family, friends, or other individuals.


Successful applicants seeking for MATSUMAE International Foundation Research Fellowship
Program will receive these benefits:

  • A monthly allowance of JPY 220,000 is provided to cover expenses for research activities (including materials) and living expenses in Japan.
  • JPY 120,000 is provided to cover part of the initial costs of living in Japan.
  • Round-trip economy class airfare is provided between the nearest international airport from a grantee’s domicile and Tokyo, Japan.
  • Overseas travel insurance with medical treatment and death benefit is provided.
  • The MIF invites fellowship recipients to participate in a study tour during their fellowship to deepen their understanding of Japan.


To be eligible for MATSUMAE International Foundation Research Fellowship Program 2023, you are
expected to meet these conditions:

  • Applicants of non-Japanese nationality who meet all the following requirements are eligible to submit application documents.
  • Applicants must obtain an invitation (acceptance) letter from a host institution in Japan prior to application.
  • Applicants must hold Ph.D. (Doctoral degree).
  • Applicants must be at the age of 49 years old or younger at the time of application.
  • Applicants must have sufficient the English or Japanese languages ability.
  • Applicants should not have past or current experiences of staying in Japan (other than short-term stays such as for sightseeing or conferences).
  • Applicants must have an occupation in their home countries, return there upon completing their fellowship tenure, and should contribute to development of their own country.


  • Please download the application form and fill accordingly. An ID photograph taken within the past three months must be attached.
  • Please make sure that the form is filled out precisely.
  • Applicants must submit their application documents to the MIF via e-mail. Here is the Email: application@mif-japan.org
  • Applications will not be accepted for any reason before or after the application period.

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