ICTP Physics Without Frontiers Program 2024

Deadline:  29th of February, 2024

The Physics Without Frontiers Program of the 2024 ICTP is now accepting applications.PWF coordinates initiatives with scientists who are enthusiastic about advancing and supporting physics and mathematics and who give their time as PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, or lecturers from across the globe. The Global South makes up the majority of the more than 100 enthusiastic scientists that make up the Physics Without Frontiers Volunteer Network.

Every PWF project is different, combining elements like networking, lectures, and practical training—all tailored to the particular requirements of the host nation. Projects frequently include elements of outreach, diversity, industry engagement, and science diplomacy. PWF supports networking, teamwork, and mentorship of students who might not have as many possibilities. PWF has worked with more than 10,000 students globally to date  in 50 different countries!

Physics Without Frontiers aims to:

  • teach and train university students in core topics, and cutting-edge research, in physics and mathematics using enquiry-based learning and hands-on sessions by PWF Volunteers who are experts in their research fields, and provide transferable skills in computing, programming and data science;
  • identify and mentor top students studying at universities without MSc/PhD programmes to go on to further study abroad, such as the ICTP diploma programme, and MSc and PhD placements;
  • support physics and mathematics departments in universities with little or no research, by providing faculty training, taught university courses, curriculum support, research infrastructure, efforts towards the public understanding of science, and outreach to high school students and teachers.


  • PWF welcomes applications which aim to teach, train, and inspire undergraduate and master’s students in physics and mathematics from the Global South, broadly interpreted.
  • Often, the ideas and motivation for the project will originate by, or be developed with the scientists and institutions in the Global South.
  • The proposers might be scientists and/or students, and do not necessarily have to have previous experience in organising activities and the proposal will be submitted by one person who will be the main designated contact for the PWF team.
  • Each in-person project should have a designated local organiser who does not necessarily have to be the person who submits the proposal, but is clearly consulted and supportive of the project and listed in the proposal.


The application process for PWF projects has two stages of selection.

  • The first one begins with this current call for applications. In the first stage it is not necessary to have all the details of your project worked up, the emphasis is on the motivation, goals, and ideas (although details in the proposal are more than welcome!). After the application call ends, the PWF selection committee will choose a number of applications guided by some of the criteria listed at the end of this document and also subject to budgetary constraints. These proposals will then pass to stage two.
  • In stage two, the PWF team will meet with the successful candidates to discuss the project and invite them to the second stage of the application process, in which the applicants will develop and be expected to present a final proposal of the project covering in detail all the aspects and including the final timetable, list of all the speakers/tutors and a detailed budget estimate. If the final proposal is accepted by the selection committee, the project team will be notified and a budget will be allocated. Following this, the project team will continue to work with the PWF team to deliver the PWF project.

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