Greenpeace MENA Award 2023: Alternative Futures – UAE Project

Deadline: 15th of October, 2023

Applications are open for the Greenpeace MENA Award 2023: Alternative Futures – UAE Project. This visionary initiative invites researchers, academics, professionals, and young visionaries to contribute innovative already established research papers outlining alternative future scenarios addressing the challenges and opportunities in UAE’s sustainable development journey.

UAE, as the host country for COP and a regional model, offers a unique setting to explore alternative pathways for a sustainable future. The Alternative Futures – UAE project emphasizes sustainable development practices and aims to engage stakeholders in envisioning a prosperous, inclusive, and resilient country.

Thematic Areas:

  • Future of Economies: Redefine well-being and economic systems beyond GDP, focusing on holistic development.
  • Future of Energy: Transitioning to renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and sustainable energy systems to mitigate climate change in the UAE.


  • The award offered for submissions will be non-monetary in nature, aimed at recognizing and acknowledging the efforts of researchers. The award covers the travel costs associated with attending COP28, ensuring that researchers can fully participate in these significant events without any financial burden. By providing this support, the award aims to create opportunities for researchers to showcase their work, connect with experts in their field, and forge valuable professional relationships.


  • Open to everyone, but they specifically encourage students and independent researchers affiliated with the UAE organizations, including both undergraduate and graduate students.
  • They welcome valuable contributions to the Alternative Futures – UAE project, where innovative research papers outlining alternative future scenarios addressing the challenges and opportunities in the UAE’s sustainable development journey are sought.

Selection Process:

The evaluation process for the Call for Submissions of the Alternative Futures – UAE project will be conducted in two phases, with distinct criteria and evaluators involved.

Phase 1: Selection by the Alternative Future Team from Greenpeace MENA

During this phase, the submissions will be reviewed by the Alternative Future Team from Greenpeace MENA. The evaluation will focus on the following key factors:

  • Overall Quality: The clarity of ideas, coherence of arguments, and depth of analysis presented in the submissions will be assessed to determine their overall quality.
  • Innovation: The level of originality, creativity, and novelty demonstrated by the paper’s  submitted  will be evaluated to identify innovative concepts.
  • Likelihood of Implementation: The feasibility and practicality of the proposed solutions will be considered, including resource requirements and potential obstacles that may affect implementation.
  • Relevance to the Call: The alignment of the submissions with the project’s objectives, and thematic areas.

Each of these factors will carry an equal weight of 25% in the overall evaluation process. The Alternative Future Team from Greenpeace MENA will ensure a thorough and comprehensive assessment of the submissions, bringing their expertise and perspectives to the selection process.

Phase 2: Selection by the Rest of the Evaluation Panel

In the second phase, the submissions that have passed the initial evaluation by the Alternative Future Team will undergo further assessment by an evaluation panel. Their diverse range of perspectives and expertise will contribute to a comprehensive evaluation.


  • Prepare detailed paper submissions (900-1200 words) written in accessible language appealing to the general public and experts.
  • Include a concise, relevant title that captures the essence of your submission.
  • The summary  (around 150 words) should highlight the problem addressed, its relevance, and key points of your alternative future scenario.
  • Structure your submissions  logically, with clear paragraphs focusing on single ideas or aspects of the scenario.
  • Support your submissions  with key data, evidence, and compelling arguments.
  • Use APA format for citations and include a list of references for further reading.

Submit your paper in PDF format to [] by October 15, 2023. Include your name, affiliation, contact information, and a brief bio (not exceeding 150 words). Indicate the thematic area(s) your submission addresses.

Click here to apply 

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