Greenovations Africa Program 2023 for Green Entrepreneurs

Deadline: 24th of April, 2023

The Greenovations Africa Program 2023 is now accepting applications. The program offers tailored assistance, coaching, and seed grant financing to help you get your invention to market and scale.

The advancement of the green sector within the framework of Africa’s continuing transition to a low-carbon economy has the ability to stimulate entrepreneurship development and quicker growth potential, particularly for youth- and women-led entrepreneurial projects. We can create job opportunities and contribute to the continent’s economic well-being by extending our portfolio of bankable, concept-proofed green business models that are both market- and investor-ready. The resulting employment creation boosts the continent’s GDP growth potential, which is now estimated to be $500 billion per year over the next 30 years.

The Greenovations Africa program combines incubation and post-incubation programs, providing participants with sector-specific skills, entrepreneurial knowledge, and the resources needed to boost their chances of success through the maturation process of their business concept or solution. In turn, they help you turn your concept into a viable and market-ready product ready to showcase its high growth potential.

Programme at a glance

  • 6-months incubation and 3-months post-incubation program using a blended approach encompassing online capacity-building training with online courses to develop hard skills and competencies needed to understand the selected sector/market segment and strengthen the innovative product and /or service development;
  • Integration in local tech hubs/Fab labs from the AfriLabs community/network across the continent, with access to facilities including physical space for co-working, labs, etc. to support the development of the prototypes and MVP;
  • Mentoring support with one-on-one coaching conversation, dedicated technical expert support and business coaching from experts from the ecosystem;
  • Access to market places, Africa-focused investors, and funding opportunities through UNFCCC’s investment mechanisms for the deployment of the viable business models for the products/services;
  • Exposure to international institutions and forums supporting the implementation of green /climate solutions:
  • Open for innovators across the continent.


  • Technical expertise in the selected green sectors
    • Cutting edge technical knowledge and skills to implement innovative solutions in climate action, renewable energy, smart agriculture, water management, and waste management sectors to drive the economic development of the continent.
    • Latest entrepreneurship concepts and tools for the development of successful businesses and start-ups on the continent.
  • Dedicated mentorship and access to network of Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (ESOs)
    • One to one mentoring with successful entrepreneurs and internationally renowned experts from across the continent and beyond to accompany selected participants in their business solution maturation journey:
      • Technical expert support in the selected sectors;
      • Live and interactive business advisory and coaching sessions;
    • Network of partners in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa and beyond;
    • Cooperation with local Entrepreneurship Support Organization (ESOs) on the continent for dedicated physical support including the development of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
  • Integration into local hub with state-of-the-Art facilities
    • Incubation space with dedicated services to support participants in the maturation of their start-ups/business solutions;
    • Access to a co-working space and facilities of AfriLabs hub members for the maturation of your solution;
    • Online learning environment with dedicated digital tools to strengthen your knowledge in selected sectors, and entrepreneurial skills;
    • Connection with local actors from the start-up scene;
    • Access to business information database and other resources from the tech hubs space.
  • Exposure to international institutions and forums supporting the implementation of green /climate solutions
    • Exposure to regional forum of UNFCCC such as the Africa Climate Week, the Conference of Parties;
    • Exposure to regional forum of the African Union and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) such as the SDG Conference;
    • Exposure to regional, Pan-African and institutions supporting the implementation of green solutions (African Development Bank, African Union Development Agency AUDA–NEPAD, UNFCCC, United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), UNECA, etc.).
  • Seed funding
    • The thirty (30) successful applicants to the program will receive seed grant funding of 3,300 Euros to bring their projects to fruition and market ready;
    • Exposure to Africa-focused investors;
    • Connection to funding scheme and mechanism of UNFCCC.


  • Be a young African aged below 35 old, holding a passport of one of the member countries of the African Union.
  • Be based in one or more countries on the African continent.
  • Have an innovative green business in an early stage of development.**
  • Be digitally literate (know how to use the internet, computers, etc.)
  • Be fluent in English.

Selection Criteria:

  • Innovative business solution in the defined green sector with high impact potential
  • Practical feasibility of the product/service
  • Commercial potential of the product/service
  • Growth potential of the innovative business solution

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