GET.invest Finance Catalyst Program for renewable energy (RE) projects

Deadline: 16th of January, 2024

The GET.invest Finance Catalyst connects initiatives and businesses with lenders. It focuses on small and medium-sized sustainable energy prospects in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific.The team offers advice on investment strategy, business case structuring, and obtaining financing.


The support of the GET.invest Finance Catalyst is available to applicants that meet the following criteria:

  • Investment size: Aggregated investment size over a period of approximately 5 years should be of sufficient size that professional independent transaction advisory services can add value, such that they may benefit the client and can be appreciated by financiers and where the services of the Finance Catalyst advisors are complementary to internal resources of the client.
  • Focus on clean energy solutions and business models: The major part of the scope must be a clean energy system investment, i.e. renewable energy or energy efficiency equivalent as well as innovative themes.
  • Revenue generating: Proposals must be conceptualised as revenue-generating and meet a minimum economic viability and sustainability threshold.
  • Location: Applicants must be located in (or proceeds to be used in) sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and/or the Pacific region.
  • Focus on private sector: Eligible applicants may be private sector developers (local and international), NGOs, universities, parastatal companies, government or research institutions. Ultimately, projects will need to have a significant private-sector ownership (or equivalent) to allow for financing with debt or equity, possibly combined with other funding such as grants or public-sector contributions. Such private-sector engagement can be developed during the advisory support.


  • The GET.invest Finance Catalyst is open for applications throughout the year. They are evaluated in recurring cycles of three to four weeks, after which the applicant will receive feedback.
  • The current cycle closes on Tuesday, 16 January 2024 [23:59 CEST].
  • All projects received until that date will be evaluated in one batch, while proposals received after that date will automatically enter the new cycle.

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