FactCheck Africa AI Journalism Fellowship (West Africa) 2024

Deadline: 27th of April, 2024

The FactCheck Africa AI Journalism Fellowship (West Africa) is now accepting applications.The AI Journalism Fellowship West Africa places a strong emphasis on how important it is to integrate ethical issues while using AI technologies in journalism. Participants will have intelligent conversations on potential biases, privacy issues, and dangers of misinformation related to AI technology throughout the program. In order to ensure that journalists’ use of AI adheres to the highest standards of journalistic integrity, the objective is to provide journalists with a solid foundation in ethical AI principles and best practices.We will investigate the relationship between AI and journalism during the course of the three-month program, opening the door to compelling narratives and knowledgeable public debate.


  • Participants who complete the program will receive their certificate of participation with the choice to become members, gaining access to exclusive resources, advanced training sessions, and networking opportunities.

Click here to apply 

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