Egis Foundation Team Up for Climate Challenge 2024

 Deadline: 25th of March, 2024

Egis Foundation is inviting you to create or join a team to come up with an innovative solution on the topic of adapting and living together in the face of climate risks.

Every year, the Egis mentors and makes sense supports more than 500 youths from more than 50 countries on real-life issues in their own communities to help their communities adapt to climate change.

For this 3rd edition, the Egis Foundation decided to go even further in supporting projects to give them a real chance of becoming reality:


  • INFORM & RAISE AWARENESS: How can we raise awareness of local climate risks and better inform local populations to help them take action?
  • ANTICIPATE AND PREPARE: How can we better anticipate climate risks and help populations improve their ability to recover after a catastrophe?
  • PROTECT: How can we implement solutions to protect people at risk and reduce their vulnerability?


  • Join forces with other students from all over the world : An opportunity to talk to other students about issues of civic engagement.
  • Entrepreneurship Experience : Participation in collective workshops with makesense to develop the project with this NGO specializing in social innovation.
  • Mentoring and Guidance : Team mentoring with Egis professionals to develop your project.
  • Career opportunities and alumni network : Opportunity to meet Egis teams and professions during visits to our offices and join the Team Up for Climate Alumni network.


  • This challenge is open to students, interns and trainees from EGIS as well as young graduates.


  • In addition to the cash prize of up to €5,000, egis will be giving a boost of up to €7,000 to the winners who prove to us that they’ve launched the project.
  • Ceremony and study trip
    Public presentation of projects at a major event in Paris + for 1st Prize : 2 days of meetings with associations, academics and professionals to further develop the project.
  • 30,000€ in prizes to share!
    An individual prize for each member (from €500 to €1,000), financial planning workshops valued at €5,000 € and a boost of €3,000 to €7,000 conditional on the project’s launch.
  • Highlighting the project with Photoclimat
    Participation in an art project to be exhibited at the Photoclimat festival in 2025 in Paris.


  • €1,000 per team member
  •  Study trip and Awards Ceremony in Paris
  •  Individual financial planning coaching with MakeSense

BOOST €7,000 (conditioned)
to ensure project continuity 6 to 8 months later


  • €750 per team member
  •  Individual financial planning coaching with makesense

BOOST €4,000 (conditioned)
to ensure project continuity 6 to 8 months later


Egis Employee Special Prize


  • €500 per team member
  • Individual financial planning coaching with makesense

BOOST €3,000 (conditioned)
to ensure project continuity 6 to 8 months later

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