Deakin University HDR Scholarships in Australia 2023/2024

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The Deakin University HDR Scholarship 2023/2024, which combines the Research Training Program Scholarship (RTP) and Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarship (DUPR), is currently available to students from Australia and other countries who want to enroll in a master’s or doctoral program focused on research.

The Australian Government funds the RTP scholarship, which pays for tuition, research costs, and a relocation allowance. Deakin University funds the DUPR scholarships. Students from both domestic and foreign countries are eligible for these rewards.


Successful applicants for Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarship will receive the following Stipend and Allowances:

  • A stipend of $33,500 per annum tax exempt (effective from 28/05/2023)
  • A relocation allowance from $500 to $1,500 (for single to family) awarded to students who are moving from interstate or overseas in order to study at Deakin
  • For international students only: Single Overseas Student Health Cover policy for the duration of the student visa.


To be eligible for Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarship, applicants are expected to meet the following conditions:

  • Applicants must be a domestic or international student enrolled in an HDR course of study at Deakin University
  • Applicant must not be receiving an equivalent award or scholarship from the Commonwealth designed to offset HDR fees
  • Applicants must not be receiving income from another source to support that student’s general living costs while undertaking their course of study if that income is greater than 75 per cent of that student’s RTP or DUPRS Stipend rate. Income unrelated to the student’s course of study or income received for the student’s course of study but not for the purposes of supporting general living costs is not to be taken into account.
  • Please refer to the research degree entry pathways page for information on admission requirements to a HDR course at Deakin University.
  • Terms and conditions for each scholarship are detailed in the Further Information section below. For information about the RTP Scholarship Policy please refer to the Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) Scholarships Procedure.

Funding Duration:

  • Doctoral Degree Duration: 3 years for stipend and 4 years for the tuition fees offset
  • Research Master Degree Duration: 2 years for stipend and 2 years for the tuition fees offset


For Prospective students, the application process at Deakin differs depending on which Faculty or Institute you wish to study in. Applicants must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) before commencing the application process. The Faculty or Institute will then advise if you should submit a formal application via the Applicant Portal.

Please complete the form if you are a currently enrolled HDR Student at Deakin University and would like to apply for the Research Training Program Scholarship (RTP) and Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarship (DUPR).

Click here to apply

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