Climate Parent Fellowship 2024

Deadline: 22nd of September, 2023

Across the world, parents, grandparents, and caregivers are taking climate action to protect the kids they love, children everywhere, and our shared home. The Climate Parent Fellowship aims to support parent-led, intergenerational, and family-centered climate engagement work.

The Fellowship is open for NEW applications from Monday 31 July 2023 with applications closing on Friday 22 September 2023 at 11.59 ET. The Fellowship is a year-long program. We are now recruiting for our 2024 cohort, which will commence in early 2024.

Fellows receive training, mentorship, and a part-time stipend, which aims to make their climate organizing work more sustainable. This Fellowship is an opportunity to be part of a supportive and diverse peer-to-peer learning network. Most Fellows are focussed on parent-led climate engagement but this Fellowship is also open to non-parent applicants who are focussing on engaging people across generations.

Selection Criteria:

  • Alignment with the climate parent/ intergenerational movement : Fellows play a key role in developing and driving parent-led, intergenerational, or family-focused climate engagement, campaigning, and organizing work. This could include work that is already making a strong contribution to the growing intergenerational movement OR new work that would help strengthen the movement, including but not limited to: expanding geographic representation, increasing diversity, or strengthening a thematic area of work. Climate work that is not parent-led, intergenerational, or family-focused will not be considered.
  • Vision : Fellows have demonstrated the ability to both set a strong and ambitious vision and to make that vision a reality. Fellows understand the potential of their work and how it can make a big impact or important contribution to their community and beyond.
  • Determination : Fellows work hard to advance their work despite having limited resources. They play a leadership role and are often called upon to help get stuff done. They have progressed their work past the initial idea phase and are in the process of implementing, growing, or scaling their project, group, or organization despite facing challenges.
  • Collaboration : Fellows understand that the climate crisis requires us to work in community with others and have a highly collaborative mindset. Collaboration is demonstrated through the relationships Fellows have built: their networks, partnerships, teams, and communities and by exchanging ideas and helping to create space for others to lead. Ideal candidates take a movement generous approach and are working to build the intergenerational movement beyond one specific idea or organization.
  • Innovation, creativity, and courage : Fellows are innovative in their work; they are not afraid to develop a new program, try a new tactic, or learn a new skillset. Fellows have a track record of experimenting, taking risks, and/or using creative approaches to help move their work forward.
  • Established need : This Fellowship is intended to support individuals working to build ideas, projects, groups, and organizations that have genuine financial need in order to move this work forward. Fellowships will not be awarded to individuals who are already receiving sufficient financial support for their work.

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