Circular Food Systems for Rwanda Program 2024

 Deadline: 23rd of March, 2024

For the 2024 Circular Food Systems for Rwanda Program, applications are now being accepted.Rwanda’s food systems will be transformed to become more sustainable and circular with the aid of the Circular Food Systems for Rwanda initiative. Creating a circular food system that works within ecological bounds will be essential to feeding the world’s expanding population—which is projected to reach 9.7 billion people by 2050.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are assisted by Circular Food Systems for Rwanda in implementing circular business models or enhancing current procedures. This specialized help is given by our network of technical assistance providers. The program’s goal is to create a supportive policy environment to advance systemic transformation in tandem with this effort.

The Circular Food Systems for Rwanda Technical Assistance Facility will enable SMEs to design, adopt and scale circular business models.


  • Successful applicants gain unique access to specialized expertise that is difficult to obtain or expensive in Rwanda.
  • SMEs are paired with a technical assistance provider from our network according to their specific need or goals.
  • SMEs can choose their provider and work with them to co-design a circular adoption plan and/or scaling solution unique to them.
  • Beyond this, the program supports agri-food SMEs to become better integrated into the sector through market linkages.


  • The SME Facility is open to SMEs operating in the agri-food sector in Rwanda that are driving progress towards a circular economy.
  • SMEs can be involved in any stage of the food system, including agricultural inputs, production, storage, processing, packaging or distribution of food. They may work in any agricultural value chain, but priority is being placed on horticulture, grains, aquaculture and livestock value chains, as well as circular innovations that can be applied across the food system.


  • Demonstrated agri-food focus
  • Demonstrated understanding of business fit in value chain
  • Proposing new or expanded circularity integration
  • 2+ years of operation
  • Local registration in good standing with relevant authorities in Rwanda
  • Technology-enabled
  • Partner/investor relationship referrals

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