Call for Applications: The ITU Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Board

Deadline: 12th of January, 2024

The Youth Advisory Board of the ITU Secretary-General is a vibrant and forward-thinking program that enables young people to define the future of global connectivity. This advisory group focuses on action and outcomes, providing practical recommendations to the ITU Secretary General. The board will present varied young views and real proposals to improve global collaboration in bridging the digital gap “connecting the unconnected” and aligning ITU initiatives with the SDGs.

The purpose of this effort is to give young people a direct voice inside the ITU and to bring fresh, creative, and inclusive viewpoints to the table. Members of the inaugural Youth Advisory Board will be chosen by the ITU Secretary-General from a global pool of exceptional applicants for a two-year term beginning in February 2024.

This Youth Advisory Board will be of 12 young, exceptional individuals from 6 ITU Regions (Africa, Americas, Arab states, Asia and the Pacific, Commonwealth of Independent States and Europe) (2 per region) who dive into a wide array of telecommunications-related topics, from artificial intelligence and quantum technology to the Internet of Things, cybersecurity, space sustainability, the future of network technology and much more.

They will bring a wealth of knowledge about technology, regulatory issues, and policy matters in 2 the ICT sector. Together, they will embody the spirit of innovation and inclusivity, driving ITU’s mission into the future.


12 exceptional individuals from 6 ITU regions (2 per region) will be selected and appointed by the ITU Secretary-General. The candidates will need to submit an expression of interest form and meet the criteria outlined below:

  • Candidates must be between the ages of 18 to 30;
  • Demonstrated commitment to the vision of ITU;
  • Demonstrated achievements showing impact and results in promoting equitable, affordable, universal, innovative, and safe connectivity;
  • Leaded and/or contributed to STEM related research, publication, journal;
  • Member, founder, or leader of related STEM youth led movement, network, organization or programme; • Knowledge about technology, existing international ICT policies and regulations;
  • Expertise in STEM fields with focus on emerging technologies including AI, the space economy, infrastructure and connectivity, cybersecurity, e-waste and the circular economy, leveraging digital technologies for climate change monitoring, mitigation and adaptation, amongst other priority areas for ITU;
  • Proven record of advocating for youth and technology and Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Demonstrated success in STEM related projects/ research/paper/publication/ or received recognition / or presented work at a conference;
  • Ability to leave organizational and country affiliations aside and serve in an individual capacity;


a) Membership is purely voluntary and non-remunerated.
b) The ITU General Secretariat team will perform the functions of secretariat for the Board.
c) The ITU General Secretariat will provide the necessary technical and administrative support to its members to participate fully in the board.
d) The ITU General Secretariat will have oversight of all substantive matters relating to board’s fulfilment of its work.


  • Phase 1. 6 December 2023-12 January 2024 : Open Call for expression of interest.
  • Phase 2. 18 February 2024: Members will be selected to join the ITU SG’ Youth Advisory Board.

For any questions, please contact youth-info@itu.int

Click here to apply

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