Bayer Internships for Students and New Graduates 2024

Deadline: 31st of January, 2024

Bayer Internships for Students and New Graduates are open to eligible individuals over the age of 18 studying full-time at an accredited institution or university.
Bayer provides internship, co-op, and entry-level opportunities in several fields of study, including business, data science, engineering, information technology, production, and sales and marketing.


In order to be eligible for the Bayer Internships for Students and New Graduates, applicants must fulfil the requirements listed (below):

  • Applicants must be students or New Graduates
  • Applicants must be atleast 18 years old
  • Applicants currently studying full-time in a degree programme at an approved institution or university.


  • The applications for Internship and Co-op roles for Students and New Graduates are available online. The interview process may include phone screens, one-on-one and panel interviews, and a skills test.
  • You can search for your next Internship & Co-op Opportunity here and also for your Entry-Level Opportunity here.

Click here to apply 

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