Avernus Education International Essay Competition 2023/24

Deadline: 19th of February, 2024

Avernus Education is excited to give young people a chance to demonstrate their aptitude in the fields of politics, history, psychology, engineering, law, and medicine. These diverse topic areas highlight the value of interdisciplinary education, which is essential for laying the groundwork for future leaders in our globalized society.

Avernus Education Oxford University Summer Programme offers scholarships to the winners of the International Essay Competition! Partial grants or online course credits are awarded to all shortlisted entries. For elite UK universities (such as Oxbridge and the G5), a victory or participation can make a significant impression on your academic and university application profile.

  • Medicine: 
    • Senior Category (Ages 17-19) –

“How has the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped the global approach to public health, and what lessons should be carried into the future?”

“Analyse the role of artificial intelligence in diagnostic medicine and its potential effects on healthcare professions.”

    • Junior Category (Ages 14-16) –

“Discuss the ethical implications of genetic engineering and its impact on the future of medicine.”

“How do lifestyle choices impact long-term health, and what strategies can be implemented to promote healthier living from a young age?”

  • Engineering:
    • Senior Category (Ages 17-19) –

“How will sustainable engineering need to adapt in response to the ever-changing face of climate change?”

“As society moves towards renewable energy, evaluate the engineering challenges and opportunities presented by the integration of large-scale energy storage systems with existing power grids.”

    • Junior Category (Ages 14-16) –

“What role should young engineers play in advocating for and designing sustainable and environmentally friendly practices?”

“As technology advances, how do we ensure safety and ethical considerations in the development of AI?”

  • Psychology:
    • Senior Category (Ages 17-19) –

“Analyse the psychological consequences of long-term remote learning on students.”

“Investigate the role of psychological factors in addiction and the implications for treatment.”

    • Junior Category (Ages 14-16) –

“Analyse the effects of sleep deprivation on learning and memory among school students.”

“Explore the concept of resilience in adolescents: What factors contribute to overcoming adversity?”

  • Economics:
    • Senior Category (Ages 17-19) –

“Investigate the role of cryptocurrencies in the modern economy and their potential to disrupt traditional banking.”

“Evaluate the economic consequences of income inequality and potential policies to address it.”

    • Junior Category (Ages 14-16) –

“Discuss the role of economic incentives in promoting recycling and sustainable consumption among households.”

“Explore how advancements in technology are changing the landscape of traditional jobs for the next generation.”

  • History & Politics:
    • Senior Category (Ages 17-19) –

“How do museums impact the way we look at the past?”

“To succeed as a nation, you need a functional government” – What do you think of this statement?

    • Junior Category (Ages 14-16) –

“How does the study of history impact our understanding of current global crises?”

“What role do social media and ‘instant history ‘ play in shaping young people’s perception of the past and present?”

  • Law:
    • Senior Category (Ages 17-19) –

“In an increasingly digital world, how should international law evolve to address the challenges of digital sovereignty?”

“As space becomes the next frontier, how should legal frameworks develop to govern the use and exploration of outer space?”

    • Junior Category (Ages 14-16) –

“What is the role of youth in shaping the future of law in an era of rapid technological advancement?”

“How should laws evolve to protect the environment for future generations in the face of immediate economic interests?”


  • Winners receive an exclusive Avernus Education Scholarship worth over £5000 – granting them free entrance to our exclusive summer camp at Oxford University!
  • Runners Up receives 5 hours worth of Credits for Avernus courses, conferences, and tutoring services.
  • All shortlisted participants will receive a signed Certificate of Completion and a written reference upon request.
  • All shortlisted participants will become part of the Avernus Alumni network, with future invites to conferences and events.


  • The competition is open to students from the following age groups: Junior Category (Ages 14-16) & Senior Category (Ages 17-19).




  • Visit the Apply link by clicking on the “APPLY NOW” button.
  • Complete the form and submit your essay.

Requirements & Instructions:

  • Each applicant is allowed to submit only ONE essay.

  • The word limits for the essays are as follows:

    • Senior applicants: The essay should be between 1300 and 1800 words.

    • Junior applicants: The essay should be between 1000 and 1200 words.

  • The essay must be submitted in PDF format.

  • The essay should be typed in Times New Roman font, with a 12-point size, and double-spaced.

  • It is important to ensure that the essay is original and free from plagiarism. This includes not using any ‘Chatbots’ to generate or assist in writing the essay.

  • If any citations are used in the essay, they should be properly referenced according to a recognized citation style (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago).

  • The essay must be written in English.

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