Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity Fellowship Program 2025

Deadline: 11th of April, 2024

The goal of the Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity (AFHE) program is to develop leaders who will explicitly reduce health inequities and have a mentality focused on health equity. The Leaders for Health Equity fellowship program, now known as the Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity at George Washington University, was created and launched in January 2017 by the Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity team at the Fitzhugh Mullan Institute for Health Workforce Equity with support from the Atlantic Philanthropies and this philosophy.

This is a one-year fellowship. There are in-person meetings, called convenings, throughout the year that represent a total anticipated time commitment of five weeks. Convenings are full-time, out of office commitments that take place in different parts of the world. In between convenings, there is an online curriculum taught by the AFHE program faculty. These online trainings take place every two weeks for 90 minutes. There is an additional time commitment for self-directed learning of 12-16 hours per month. Self-directed learning activities include completion of program readings, videos and assignments. Assignments may be related to your individual project, reflection and/or program evaluation. Attendance and participation for both in-person and online coursework is required for successful completion of the program.

Fellows are inducted into the Atlantic Fellows lifelong community after they complete their fellowship year. Lifelong fellows continue to have access to an international network of leaders committed to combating inequity in their communities. They are invited to participate in global interest groups, seminars and conferences, as well as collaborate with other Atlantic Fellows on equity-focused projects.

They are expected to remain employed throughout the fellowship so that leadership lessons are applied in real-life scenarios. All educational experiences and travel expenses related to participation in this fellowship including in-person convenings are paid for by Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity.

You do NOT need to be a health professional to apply for this fellowship. AFHE is looking to recruit fellows who are currently engaged in health-related work including, but not limited to: finance, economics, art, architecture, academia, government, public health, law, media, technology and healthcare delivery. AFHE encourages those with diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply. The program will select 15-20 fellows per year.

Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity fellowship program:

  • January 2025: Program Launch and Initial Convening
  • February -May 2025: Semester 1 Online Learning
  • June 2025: Mid-Year Convening
  • July – October 2025: Semester 2 Online Learning
  • November 2025: Final Convening 


  • All educational experiences and travel expenses related to participation in this fellowship including in-person convenings are paid for by Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity.
  • At the end of the fellowship year, fellows are inducted into the Atlantic Fellows lifelong community, where they have access to:
    • A network of more than 600 leaders from 70+ countries committed to combating inequity in their communities
    • Continued learning, connection, community-building and chances to amplify and create change through All Fellows Convenings
    • Professional networking, community-building and knowledge exchange through the Atlantic Fellows Hub
    • Funding opportunities
    • Professional development


  • Fellows must be in their early to mid-career and want to become more effective leaders and work with others to achieve change.
  • Fellows should be currently engaged in health-related work in a leadership role or in a position that has potential for leadership.
  • In order to address important determinants of health beyond biology and healthy behaviors, organizers need to involve people and sectors beyond traditional healthcare and public health, as they do in this fellowship program.
  • There are no specific educational requirements or ‘preferred’ professions.
  • The shared attributes and values of the Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity include action/solutions orientation, equity, inclusivity, courage, curiosity, humility, diversity and creativity. If you must share these values.



  • Visit the Apply link by clicking on the “APPLY NOW” button.
  • Complete the form as instructed.

Application Requirements:

  • A brief statement (no more than 500 words) addressing the reasons you want to be a fellow, including a discussion of your major strengths and unique personal and leadership characteristics,
  • A health equity project proposal you would like to complete during your fellowship year,
  • Your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume,
  • Two letters of recommendation and
  • An employer support form completed by someone in a direct supervisory role that is willing to serve as your advisor, assisting with your growth as you pursue a focus on change leadership for health equity.

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