Arab Council for the Social Sciences Junior Fellows Program 2023-2024 (Funding available)

Deadline: May 25, 2023

Applications are open for the Middle Easterner Committee for the Sociologies Junior Colleagues Program
2023-2024. This year program helps arising analysts in the Bedouin area, who have
not been over a long time since their PhDs, to seek after their exploration and plans for
distribution, partake in research networks in the Middle Easterner locale, and plan an examination venture in
the Bedouin area.
In this sort of cooperation, the Middle Easterner Board for the Sociologies firmly empowers
candidates to versatility. During the association time frame, candidates are especially urged to
plan their residency in one more country in the district, and to connect with an establishment or
coach in an unexpected country in comparison to their ongoing nation or nation of home; candidates
ought to present a thoroughly examined and thoroughly examined plan for institutional commitment and
mentorship; and in all cases, they ought to look for new institutional commitment and tutors other
than those they have recently worked with.

This drive complements the Council’s efforts to support and encourage the social sciences
in the Arab region, especially in terms of investing in a new generation of researchers in the
field of social sciences. This program is funded by a grant to the Arab Council for the Social
Sciences from the Carnegie Endowment in New York.


The fellowship provides full support for 12 months (including living expenses plus research
expenses) ranging from $20,000 to $36,000. The total amount is related to the price levels
in the country in which the candidate proposes to reside during the fellowship period, as
well as whether the candidate has other sources of income during the fellowship period. If
the applicant qualifies for the shortlist, he/she will be asked to submit a budget estimating
the cost of living, the cost of research, and specifying whether he or she has other sources
of funding and/or income during the fellowship period.


  • Applicant must be a national of an Arab country: Applicants must be holders of the
    nationality of an Arab country (by Arab state they mean the country affiliated to the League
    of Arab States) or refugees and/or stateless persons from Arab countries currently
    residing in the Arab region.
  • Be Emerging Researchers: This program targets researchers who have not been more than
    three years since obtaining a PhD in Social Sciences (the degree may be obtained from Arab countries or abroad). Candidates must have earned a PhD at the time of application.
  • Candidates who earned a PhD before 2020 are not eligible for this program.
  • Demonstrate high quality academic qualifications and potential: Candidates must submit a
    project proposal (between 10 and 15 pages) based on their doctoral thesis. Proposals that
    are not based on or related to the doctoral thesis are considered inadmissible.
  • Provide evidence of support for the proposed mentor and the proposed liaison institution:
  • Upon application, candidates must submit a letter from an academic advisor working in an
    institution in the Arab region expressing a willingness to provide administrative and
    academic support and supervision to the fellowship for the duration of the fellowship
    itself. In addition, candidates must submit a letter from the proposed host institution
    addressed to the Arab Council for the Social Sciences confirming the ability of this
    institution to host the candidate during the fellowship period.

Selection Process:

  • A multidisciplinary selection committee consisting of renowned Arab academics with wellestablished research and publication records and experience in regional research and teaching
    will review and select proposals that will be awarded funding. The selection procedure adheres
    to the highest standards of academic and ethical arbitration.

Final decisions are based on the following evaluation criteria:

  • Contribution of the research proposal to knowledge (research questions, relevance, quality
    and originality)
  • Feasibility of the proposed research plan (realistic time frame and research methods)
  • Candidate competence (academic qualifications, current and potential publications)
  • The candidate’s postdoctoral plan (mentor selection, institutional engagement, and plans
    to conduct research during the pandemic)
  • Expected outputs (planned publications and career plan)


Candidates must provide the following supporting documents:

  • Detailed CV including publications
  • One-page letter explaining the purpose of the application
  • Proof of Arab nationality or residence in the Arab region (copy of valid passport or ID card)
  • A project proposal (between 10 and 15 pages) explaining the activities that the candidate
    will work on throughout the fellowship period. Note that all proposals will be reviewed
    through an electronic system to monitor plagiarism
  • A letter from an academic advisor working at an institution in the region expressing his
    willingness to supervise and guide the candidate’s work throughout the proposed
    fellowship period
  • Detailed CV of the academic advisor
  • An official letter from the proposed host institution, addressed to the Arab Council for the
    Social Sciences, confirming the ability of this institution to host the candidate during the
    fellowship period

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