ADB-IEA Innovative Policy Research Award 2024

Deadline: 31st of December, 2023

Recognizing the transformative power of groundbreaking research, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) proudly present the ADB-IEA Innovative Policy Research Award 2024, a prestigious accolade aimed at fostering exceptional research that tackles pressing development challenges in the region. Thematic in its approach, the ADB-IEA Innovative Policy Research Award 2024 invites researchers from diverse backgrounds to submit original and rigorous research papers that delve into critical development issues, aligning with the ADB’s operational priorities. These priorities encompass:

  1. Tackling Climate Change: As the region grapples with the intensifying impacts of climate change, the award seeks innovative solutions to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, enhance climate resilience, and promote sustainable development pathways.

  2. Addressing Inequality: The award encourages research that addresses the root causes of inequality, particularly those stemming from the digital divide, and proposes effective policy measures to promote inclusive and equitable growth.

  3. Enhancing Regional Cooperation: With the potential to unlock immense benefits, the award seeks research that strengthens regional cooperation and integration, facilitating smoother trade, investment, and knowledge exchange across Asia and the Pacific.

  4. Increasing Fiscal and Economic Resilience: As the region navigates the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the award seeks research that enhances fiscal and economic resilience, enabling countries to withstand and adapt to future shocks.

The ADB-IEA Innovative Policy Research Award 2024 is open to researchers from any country, with a particular emphasis on fostering participation from young and female scholars and researchers from universities, think tanks, and academic institutions in Asia and the Pacific. The award offers a compelling opportunity for researchers to showcase their groundbreaking work, gain international recognition, and contribute to shaping effective policy solutions for the region. The winning paper will receive a $7,000 grant financed by the ADB, and the top three papers will be presented at the ADB-IEA Award session of the 2024 ADB Annual Meeting. Additionally, the ADB intends to apply the ideas generated by the award-winning paper to its operations and policy advice. The ADB-IEA Innovative Policy Research Award 2024 is a testament to the unwavering commitment of the ADB and IEA to fostering innovative and impactful research that addresses the most pressing development challenges facing Asia and the Pacific. By recognizing and supporting exceptional researchers, the award empowers the region to embrace sustainable and inclusive growth, paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for all.


  • Financial support: The winner of the award will receive a $7,000 grant to support their research. This grant can be used to cover travel and accommodation costs, research expenses, and other relevant expenses.
  • Global recognition: The winner of the award will be recognized as a leading researcher in the field of development economics. This recognition can help the winner to advance their career and gain access to new opportunities.
  • Publication opportunities: The winning paper will be published in a leading academic journal. This publication will help to disseminate the research findings to a wider audience and make a significant contribution to the field of development economics.
  • Networking opportunities: The winner of the award will have the opportunity to network with other leading researchers and policymakers at the ADB Annual Meeting. This networking can lead to new collaborations and partnerships.
  • Career advancement: Winning the ADB-IEA Innovative Policy Research Award 2024 can help advance your career in development economics. The recognition and experience you gain can help you to secure new research positions, attract funding for your research, and make a significant impact on the field.


Submissions should meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • The paper must be an original research work in economics that provides evidence for better solutions/policies to address a key development challenge in Asia and the Pacific.
  • The paper has not been published or is under consideration by peer-reviewed journals.
  • The researcher is willing to work with policymakers in an ADB-developing member country to test and develop the research into policy solutions.
  • Researchers from any country may apply, but the policy solutions must be relevant to an ADB-developing member country.
  • We especially encourage young and female scholars and researchers from universities, think tanks, and academic institutions to apply.

Selection criteria:

  • Relevance of the problem to current regional issues/challenges (25%)
  • Quality of methodology and analysis (25%)
  • Structure and presentation (25%)
  • Operational applicability (25%)



  • Go to the apply link
  • Submit the necessary contact information
  • Submit author and co-author information
  • Submit abstract and JEL code
  • Submit the full paper

Click here to apply

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