2023-2024 Google Scholarships | Generation Google scholarship

Deadline: Unspecified


1) You must be intending to be a full-time student in PhD, Masters, or Bachelors courses, in a college or University located in Canada or the United States.

2) You must have a good academic record.

3) You should demonstrate to Google that you are having a financial need.

4) You should demonstrate to Google that you have passion in computer science and technology.

The required documents for the generation Google scholarship

1) A PDF copy of your resume/CV.

2) A PDF copy of your responses to the three short answers to your essay questions


(i) If you are studying in the US, and you get selected, you will receive $10,000.

(ii) If you are studying in Canada, and you get selected, you will receive $5,000

Step 1: You must fill in your background information such as your contact details and give detailed information about your current University.

Step 2: You must provide information about your family and household.

Step 3: Submit all the required documents.

The essay questions include:

(i) You will be required to give Google examples of how you exhibit leadership.

In this question, explain your goal, role, and how you influence other people.

(ii) You will required name the challenge that historically impacts the excluded groups in the technology field, explain what causes this challenge, and finally explain all the actions you have personally taken to address the challenge.

(ii) In the final question you will be required to describe to Google all the financial circumstances that are making you to be in need of scholarship.

In the last question, please explain which goals you will be able to accomplish once you get the Google generation scholarship.

Note: Each answer to the 3 essay questions should not be more than 500 words.

Note: The 2022-2023 academic year, generation google scholars applications were closed on December 10, 2021, but the 2023-2024 academic year, generation google scholar applications for university students will be opened on October 2022 so be patient and apply before the deadline.

Terms & conditions

1 Once you receive the Google free scholarship award you should spend it on books, tuition, fees and education related expenses only.

2 For the 2023-2024 academic year, the students who receive the scholarship by google must be enrolled as full-time students.

3 Before the winners of the 2023-2024 academic year scholarship are selected, enrollment will first be verified by Google.

4 Parents of the selected students who are below the age of 18 will be the once who should sign the generation Google scholarship terms & conditions.

5 For the Google scholar who does not maintain the generation google student scholarship eligibility requirements, the scholar will loose the award.

6 Once you are selected as a Google scholar us, Google will give you instructions on how you will receive the award.

7 You will be disqualified from receiving the Google scholarship award, If you do not complete the application steps by the specific deadline stated on the scholarship Google site.

8 If you are a Google employee you will not be eligible for the generation Google scholarship.

For more information and questions, you can email Google using the following Email address (

Click here to apply

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